aira's collection

  1. The LVs, my favorite brand so far. This collection is small, but much loved! I'm constantly on the lookout for pieces to expand my collection.


    Coach...the brand that started my addiction!

  2. I love your LV´s!!
  3. what a cute LV collection!! That purple ludlow is SO cute!! I :heart: the batignolles, and the pomme and the mini mono cles are adorable!!
  4. Lovely collection :smile: thanks for sharing!
  5. Lovely LV and Coach collection!!
  6. Great collection.
  7. Lovely collection!
  8. Wonderful and varied collection!
  9. More from my handbag collection!

    Just recently got into Gucci...the large tote is a perfect everyday bag.


    Other favorites...a Francesco Biasia in black leather and a Charles David hobo in cranberry.


    1154 Lill Studio is a custom handbag boutique in Chicago. There's nothing more fun than picking and choosing fabrics with a variety of handbag styles, then seeing the result of your creativity!

  10. Love that purple Ludlow!
  11. Great collection! Nice variety! Love the color Ludlow you have and the Batignolles. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Love the LV's and the Coach.
  13. nice collection. thanks for sharing.
  14. Very nice :smile:
  15. Very nice!!! Thanks for sharing