Air pocket inside bag

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  1. My new medium classic flap just arrived and I noticed it was missing the velvet cloths that are placed underneath the flap and there is also a large air pocket inside the bag at the bottom. It is a noticeably puffed air pocket. Should I exchange this for another one? Do you think it's possible in these times when everyone's trying to order a bag before the price increase?
  2. My flaps often don't come with the felt cloth underneath the flap; I keep a stash of felt at home and cut out a rectangle for this purpose. :smile: What does the air pocket look like?
  3. As for the felt, some SA's take it off when they pack. I find it just depends how the SA was taught to pack, some take the tags off or the stickers off etc.

    If there is nothing wrong with the bag, I'd leave it alone. However if this bubble you are talking about is something unacceptable, then exchange. No with the increase coming you may not find one until stock is replenished. However if you are within the period and it's the same bag I believe they will do a straight exchange.

    Can you post a picture of this "bubble"?
  4. This is how the air pocket looks! This is taken from a video a youtuber posted regarding the same issue (). Mine looks exactly like that but I've repacked it into it's shipping box already so I'm lazy to take it out again lol.

    I contacted my SA and she said I can exchange it but probably not until July at earliest when they reopen boutiques or at least start curbside pickup. Definitely think she'll give me a proper one next time since she will be able to check it herself rather than place the order through the SA they sent to the boutique to process orders. chanel airpocket.JPG
  5. There's nothing wrong with her bag. Sometimes the lining doesn't lie flat. But if you feel better with a exchange and your SA will take care of you, then all good. :smile: