Air Guitar Nation

  1. Ok, so my husband is passed out asleep and i'm clicking around and i stopped on VH1 and am watching this thing called Air Guitar Nation....a competition of the best air guitarists around the's really really odd and peculiar and apparently like, a religion, lol. it's also some serious business in Finland (where the finals are being held).

    just...i honestly don't get it, i mean it takes some skill cause they get technical with the timing, accuracy of matching the song in the background and showmanship yes's...still just....air. you are twiddling your fingers on something thats not there and jump around imagining you are playing an instrument..i dunno, whatever floats yer boat i guess?

    they also have alter egos who they pretend to be while playing/competing. they are essentially the "entrant".

    is anyone else watching this or am i the solitary late-night weirdo completely floored by this documentary?
  2. Sounds intriguing!