Aimky's Collection

  1. Balenciagas:

    06 Greige City 05 Origan Day/Hobo
    04 Turquoise Twiggy 05 Ice Blue Twiggy
    05 Ice Blue First 05 Caramel Twiggy

    My dark grey Chloe paddington & Petrol MJ Stam:


    Enjoy! :flowers:
  2. Very nice collection. Love your Turquoise Twiggy. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Beautiful Collection. I love the bbag family photo.
  4. I also love all your b bags!
  5. wow loverly!!! guess you lloooooooooooove your bbags then... hehe
  6. STUNNING:wtf: keep it up Girl
  7. Wow, you have quite a collection of bbags there! Loves it!
    Keep up da good work!
  8. Great collection and I LOVE your avatar!
  9. :nuts: :nuts: Really nice collection you got there!:tender: Hehehe the Oranghutan in your avatar is soo cute:P
  10. Nice collection, congrats:smile:
  11. absolutely gorgeous and tasteful collection. I love them all!
  12. :nuts:FABULOUS collection!!! Thank you for sharing!!!:flowers:
  13. Your 04 turquoise twiggy is my ultimate DREAM bag! :love: Great collection!
  14. Holy b-bags ! Like everyone else, I'm in love with the turquoise !
  15. Love love your collection ... especially the Bbags! Absolutely stunning, I'm also in love with your petrol stam!