Aimee's Collection...

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  1. I finally got my husband to take some pictures of my collection. Although he now KNOWS I own way too much Coach! :graucho: Oh well...I've been collecting for about 8 years so I should have a lot of stuff ...right??? ;)

    At least that's the excuse I used....
    IMG_0555-sm.jpg IMG_0563-sm.jpg IMG_0565-sm.jpg
  2. oh wow i love you collection i hope mine looks like that one day!
  3. Secrets out!! Great collection!
  4. Nice collection, thanks for sharing it with us.
  5. Gorgeous collection!!
  6. Thats quite a collection! Love it.
  7. I love it! That was very nice of you to share it!;)
  8. that's what i call an 8 year haul.

    haaay! fabulous!
  9. I LOVE your collection and I admire the fact that you've been at it for EIGHT YEARS! I think I would appreciate MY collection more if I "worked" at it and for know? Have you collected by getting them as gifts for different occasions? buying on impulse?...? I am curious. I am thinking of selling a few of my bags and just really appreciating the one or two that I KEEP until another 'worthy' occasion comes along to make a purchase. Does that make sense?!?
  10. I can't even begin to comment...:drool:
  11. :drool:Very nice collection! You are very dedicated... lol.
  12. omg...tartan mini skinny...I'm speechless:love:
  13. NICE! You have a varied and stylish collection. The black and white tote on the end...does it have ORANGE stripes?? (May just be the lighting)
    I love Orange! The Ombre line is one of my faves!
  14. Wow that is some collection. Love it all!!
  15. Oh wow, just wow!!!! Gorgeous isn't even the word!