Aidan owners- is this a practical/comfortable bag?

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  1. I saw baby Aidan today for the first time and was attracted to it. It is unlike any other bag I have so I'm a bit nervous about the style (I have mostly satchels that could also be worn on the shoulder). What do Aidan owners think are the +'s and -'s of this bag?

    Is the vertical height too much such that you can't find your stuff?

    Does it look normal with stuff in it? Or does it slouch funny?

    Any comments about baby vs. big Aidan??

  2. I love this bag. It's not as big as the reg groovee, and it's bigger than the baby groovee. Perfect size if you ask me. I can put a lot of stuff in it though it looks just fine when it's not stuffed to the brim. I actually prefer it that way.

    The baby Aidan is plenty big. The regular Aidan would be more like an overnight size bag. what color would you get?
  3. Thanks for your input kitcat. I was thinking either Lavender or Aluminum! What color do you have?
  4. I just bought that Baby Aidan in Boston last weekend and absolutely love it. I had a hard time deciding between the Baby and the "regular" size but went with the Baby in the end. It is true, the "regular" is like luggage and I think I'm over the massively oversized purse look. I scooped this up because I really wanted a nice everyday bag because my Stam was getting a serious workout. I also, and thankfully, went with it in black because I spilled Jamba Juice all over it 48 hours after purchase. That would have been devastating in any other color.
  5. ^^ congrats on your aidan! please post pictures...
  6. i have the baby aidan in aluminum and i love it! i've had mine for about a week now and i've been using it every day. the color is super neutral. in some lights it looks almost brown, in others a dark shade of gray. i'm in love...
  7. I think this bag slouches beautifully. I don't use the shoulder strap because the bag hangs funny from it and I think it would tear without better reinforcement. This bag is a luscious puddle of leather!!
  8. i thought the regular Aidan was too big especially i just bought my Groovee, maybe after my Cecilia and Stam, baby Aidan will be on the list :smile:
  9. btw, my Groovee is Lavender and it's lovely, it's the perfect "purple" for me :smile:
  10. I have the baby Aidan in faded aluminum and it's great for everyday use. I agree with everyone else, the baby size fits everything you need and more without looking too bulky. The vertical height doesn't bother me at all since I don't carry much with me, so I suppose it would depend on how much you carry.

    Sometimes I do wish that the double handles were a bit longer/wider because I put it on my shoulders and I don't use the longer strap.