Ahoy polloi (an island for the masses)

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  1. 45C3121D-EB51-4946-BE62-7E17F621076F.jpeg
    Mr Gonzo is traveling 1st class. As I have to work.
    Guess what happened? Rain. Argh.
    We have to blaim it on mother as she complained 10 minutes before I left to the station that the predicted rain did not come. :huh:
    Oh well. Rain drops vanished on the vachetta. Everyone lives. :biggrin:
  2. Beautiful pic! But boo on the rain.
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  3. Thank you! :smile:
  4. Happy Monday everyone!
    Wishing you a nice start into the new week. :wave:

    Rainy here.
    Underground was a hospital. I wonder when I will catch a cold... :panic:
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  5. Happy Monday! It snowed here last night. Not much more than a dusting but still, ugh! Dress warm Ludmilla!
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  6. Happy Monday everybody!
    Your Speedy is a gem, Ludmilla:heart::heart:
    Don't worry about the vachetta. In France no one pays attention to it. When I joined TPF, comments about raindrops came as a real surprise...:hrmm:
    Must be a TPF thing...;)
    As for shingles or zoster... I don't know :sad:. I had the same symptoms as your dad and called it shingles after looking up the word in the dictionary. Anyway let's say I had both, one when I was a child and the other three years ago, :panic:
    Must run in the family, my brother had had " shingles " a few years before.
    I hope your father will soon feel better:hugs::hugs:
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  7. Dress warm, too!
    I mixed the English words... :-s
    In German my father has Gürtelrose. The dictonary came up with tree words: shingles, zoster and herpes zoster. So, I guess it is all the same. :smile:
    I had Windpocken as a child. Dictionary calls it chicken pox, varicella or varicella zoster infection. :huh:
    You had probably Windpocken as a child and Gürtelrose as an adult. :sad: How do you call the disease in French?
    At the end of the day it is all some form of herpes, I guess. And I fear we all have it inside us. Sometimes it breaks out and sometimes it doesn’t.

    Thank you for Speedy love! :hugs:
    The vachetta panic must be tpf only. Even the huge drops vanished completely and I did not treat the vachetta parts at all. :eek:
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  8. As a child I had varicelle( windpocken )
    As an adult I had zona.(gürtelrose )
    Now I know two German words....
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  9. And I know two French words. :biggrin:
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  10. Thanks!:heart:
    Played with knives on Sunday.
    Dressed as hoodlums, I fear.:doh:
    Everybody lived.
    feeling stabby.jpg
    And, in case any naughty children get ideas about stabby toys--here's a therapy alpaca knife. To stop that thought train:

    If I had a pet chicken, would name her Windpocken. :coolio:
  11. You look pretty dangerous! :shocked:
    I like the alpaca knife. It would be perfect.
    Guess we should name one of the alpacas Gürtelrose. It can be friends with the chicken called Windpocken. :biggrin:
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  12. 9FB2039D-D0DD-4F78-87E9-5702FC6136B7.jpeg
    Bag porn with Miss Choc. :smile:
  13. :lol::lol::lol:
  14. Good morning ladies!
    It is Tueasday again on Pinch Purse Island.
    (And meeting day at the office :yucky:)
    Hope everyone has nice plans and a nice bag wear. ;)
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  15. Yes. I admit, my osprey knit cap is scary.;)
    Love it! The epidemic twins, roaming our island!
    :wave: Hello, Miss Choc & pretty knit cap.
    I'm considering valentines' day.
    Which usually fills a gimmee-chocolate niche, for me, but not much else.
    Does anyone else kinda blow off this commercially-hyped heart event?

    Patagonia atom sling today.:tup:
    And experiments on where to carry new knife.
    Ludmilla, have you considered a nice, shiny knife for the office?:yes:
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