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  1. Northern Exposure wisdom-- dancingmoose.gif
    ahead of its time in 1993:

    Paperwhites scenting room + assorted:
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  2. Just some spoons. IMG_20190209_123900_618.jpg IMG_20190209_124035_252.jpg
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  3. Hehe. I do not understand much in that video. They sound a bit like the teacher in Peanuts in my ears. :biggrin:
    Your flowers are pretty!
    Ahhh, I think those city spoons were a loved souvenir in the 60ties. There are some in my parent‘s house, too. Where are yours from?
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  4. Happy Saturday everyone!
    What are your weekend plans?
    Here - nothing much. Strolling to town and then walking the dog.
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  5. Happy Saturday! Going thrifting with Miss 17, church tomorrow and probably some shopping with ds @ TJ Maxx- love that store!
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  6. Are zoster and shingles the same thing?
    Did your dad get medicines when he went to the doctor's?
    If he did he should be much better in a few days.
    I didn't want any... and I suffered for weeks.
    As for your allergy, Ludmilla, I don't think wine or chocolate are responsible..:no::no:
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  7. Yeah...English is nasal & rapid in video.
    Without Snoopy.:sad:

    Lc bag(l.e. fig) & north face boots,
    shopping for blades on wet-messy-cold day.
    lc & nf.jpg
    Is preventative vaccine, when above 50 years old, in USA.
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  8. Feel like I can do anything now...changed two icky handlebar grips on my bike to new handlebar grips that arent icky...no more having to peel my hand off them for me.
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  9. Shingles is the stuff you normally get as a child. People who get zoster had shingles (yay - count me in :shocked:) My father went to the doctor on Monday. He had pain, but not the skin irritation. My mother thought that his pain sounds like zoster. Doctor told him to come back as soon as he sees changes on his skin. On Tuesday morning the skin had those red bubbles. He gets medicine since then, but for now skin is not getting better.
    Did you have zoster, too? Ahhh. I am so sorry! It is awful! :hugs:

    Hm. Regarding my allergy. I do not think that it is food related, too. But, I will watch my eating habits a bit. Just to be sure. ;)
    Pretty LC! :loveeyes:
    I came soooooo close to get that bag, too!
    Here vaccine is for people when above 60. Not sure though. I know of people who had it with 50, too. Guess it depends of your health care.
    This is sooo cool!
    You must be so proud! :tup:
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  10. bike.gif Hooray!
    I clean mine, but they turn. Stupid grips.
    Dealing, until cannot. Then will consider more options.
    Do you wear gloves to cycle?
    Color/pattern of bag= sooooooo enjoyable!

    Our old vaccine was for people aged 60 years. Not available now, replaced by new (for 50 years) type.
    Meet my new stabby friend! :pokey:
    Plus, I got free popcorn.:tup:
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  11. No I dont wear gloves... my bicycle is a cheap as chips bike that gets me to work and back...a whole 15min ride to work as I dont drive.
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  12. Ah, yes. Doctor said something about new vaccine. Guess he meant that one. :smile:
    What colour has your knife? It looks greyish-blue.
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  13. I cycled to uni and back - many years ago. Traffic has changed so much, now I am scared of using a bike.
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  14. Cool!:cool: Would love to see photo.
    All bikes are great things.:yes:

    When I cycle several hours--gloves prevent sweaty hand slipping.
    Full gloves in cold, fingerless otherwise.
    Blade is satin finish.
    Is silvertone--guess weird light in photo.:blush:
    I admit, cycling traffic can be tricky.
    Most drivers, along routes, know me now. And watch out.
    Most difficult part is returning friendly waves:wave:--drivers do not understand that I cannot see them, behind windscreen glass, as clearly as they can see me on road.
    If I do not wave back, some honk.:facepalm:
    Or open side windows & flail arms.:eek:
    Friendliness. It may kill me.
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  15. Hehe. Car drivers in small towns often wave at people they know - but who cannot see them in return. :biggrin:
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