Ahoy polloi (an island for the masses)

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  1. Sometimes you just have have the bags you like - and not listen to tpf. ;)
    Haha. Read vaccination instead of vacation.
    You should be fine as long as you do not touch tge deer.
    Vicster sounds good.
    Black bags are perfect for buying knives.
    When will vacation take place?
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  2. F248D9E4-CA31-423B-8C3A-D010079E8639.jpeg
    Almost ready to go out. :nuts::yahoo:
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  4. New shoeseys as my feetseys are soreseys. 20190208_164603.jpg
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  5. Whoooooooo!, :biggrin:
    Aw! Cute dog! Looks like she wants a cup of tea. ;)
    Your new shoes are nice.
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  7. Lovely shoes... I used to have a pair of Asics and they were both pretty, light weight and comfortable.:yahoo:
    Congrats on your purchase, Narnanz.:tup::love:
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  8. First voyage today! :nuts:
  9. Weekend came early.
    Father was diagnosed with zoster on Tuesday. Yesterday the strange rash around my eyes was back.
    My colleague panicked and sent me home so I can visit doctor. Appointment later this afternoon. :shocked:
  10. Ooops. Forgot to post the therapy alpaca together with Speedy....
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  11. Agreed. I take most tpf advice with block o' salt & earplugs. ;)
    Are a few ideas I found helpful, though.

    Later this month--rough start to year, so escaping for a bit.
    I must race by stomach-turning deer licky noses & flicky ears, to jump into the canoes.
    Dog is going along. Plus, I should have a nice new knife.
    :cray: Psychic Silly predicts all will be well.
    Rough.:sad: Hang in.:heart:
    GO, GONZO!:yahoo::love: Looking great in speedy-land!

    This alpaca reminds me of characters from tv series, Northern Exposure.
    Which I also missed, when released--so am watching now.
    Love it!:tup:
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  13. Oh no hopefully it’s nothing big. Thinking of you !
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  14. Sounds like a real adventure vacation!
    Deers are shy. I bet you will see none. ;)
    Thank you!
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  15. Update....
    Mr Gonzo had an exciting first outing!
    First long train ride.
    Then hawkeye mother seeing new bag.
    Off to the doctor to face sniffing doctor with a cold (I was his last patient for that day).
    Eye rash seems to be allergy.
    I suggested allergy against office.
    He thinks is food allergy. His main suspects: red wine :wtf: and chocolate :faint:
    Told doctor that as long as I do not have allergic shocks I will definitely not hear anything like that. :biggrin:
    Discussed father‘s zoster and asthma.
    Then home.
    Where Gonzo had to be emptied so mother could test weight.
    Her comment: it is lightweight and it looks nice. Where did you get it?
    I said that I bought it in the store of that brand. :blush::giggle:

    Now I need a beer. Hopefully no allergies there. :drinks: