Ahoy polloi (an island for the masses)

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  1. I think it's safe to agree that all here on tpf love bags and admire premier design. But not everyone's budget can accomodate premier designer bags. Yet that doesn't diminish our love for the bags we can afford. So, for we fiscally restrained few, here is our island. Located somewhere in the gray North Atlantic, there are no palm trees, sunny beaches, or tiki torches. But we are a hardy fashionable lot. Whether trawling the outlets, or on the lookout for bargains, we endure. So bring your beloved bags, an unquenchable
    sense of humor, and enjoy a hearty bowl of fish stew. The skies may be gray, and the seas rough, but we have a home here.

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  2. One of the bags I have here on the island. It was on sale, markdown, at Marshalls. It is leather and happily nondescript for Calvin Klein. It easily accommodates everything I need on a daily basis and came with an optional shoulder strap. It's understated, well constructed, and was well within my budget.

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  3. Being a girl with relatively low income and living alone in the big city, I SO can hear you! Sometimes it surprises me how all of us are expected to have a huge budget and anything less is considered a bit odd.

    I do own a few high end bags but after paying a VERY large sum of money for a bag I find I'm afraid to use them. I'm most comfy with 150-500 € bags. Bargains, sale items and preloved is my way of going higher end.

    This is my Longchamp Roseau, holy grail bag that I was afraid to purchase for years. The thing I was most worried overwas the leather and its durability but a coworker has had hers for several years and it's still not showing signs or wear. So I decided to start looking for my Roseau.
    Finally took the plunge this autumn - got a great deal with -30% off a NWT and boy, was it the right thing to do! The leather is smooth and glossy, there's room for all my everyday essentials plus more and I love the simple design. There's nothing I would change about her! :hbeat:

    So let's get that bar built and start the party, life and beautiful bags are worth celebrating! :happydance:
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  4. A lovely bag you found! Looks so sturdy, roomy and practical, yet elegant enough to work as a perfect companion for work and free time! :tup:
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  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1414349085.537248.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1414349107.777114.jpg
    Two bags from Minelli , the beige one I bought for € 169 ( full price), the red one I bought on sale for €99.
    I love them both. Wonderful leather.
    They both want to meet their friends on the Island!
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  6. Oh please share more, those make a beautiful duo! The name suggests they're Italian?
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  7. They are made in Italy but it´s a French brand. There are lots of Minelli shops in France. They sell shoes and bags. I know there are shops in Belgium and Switzerland too.
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    Welcome to the island, Amazona! Your Longchamp Roseau is gorgeous! Be sure to bring her with you to our humble tavern tonight....

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  9. Mariapia, your Minellis are beautiful. Wonderful smooshy leather and such colors! Great bags at a great price!
  10. Thank you, Amazona. A black bag with clean lines is equal to any occasion. See you later at the No Name Pub. I'll have to whip up an appropriate appetizer to go with our grog!

  11. I just bought this Vera Bradley for my BD. It's just the right size and it has lots of pockets. I HAVE to have pockets.

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  12. Love it! Vera Bradley consistently combines function and fashion in her unique signature style. What a great choice! Come by the pub tonight for a celebratory birthday toast!

  13. I love this thread! Thanks for starting it! :smile: I purchase all my bags (and pretty much everything I buy) on sale and have a limit of $400 for a purse, so even though I can afford fairly nice contemporary bags I definitely can't afford premier. Here are a couple in my smallish collection:


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  14. Marvelous! Renza, your bags are fabulous. The Velvetine has such style. Great leather and I love the hardware. And your Hayden-Harnett rivals any number of premier designers for color and quality. So looking forward to seeing more of your collection!

  15. Welcome to all here on our island. Pub grub for every palate available tonight at the pub. I'll be tending bar in clam diggers, a hoodie, and gum boots. Come as you are with the bags you love!

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