Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!i Want This Chanel!

  1. [​IMG]

    I went to go look at an adorable pink TODS tote for EGC...I found the BIG HIDDEN LABEL BAG!FIRST,The white hidden label bag STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS!!!!ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    Jill doesnt buy white bags...sniff.....especially when ill be watching a newborn soon..LOL


    THEN JILL DIES.....FOR GOOD,when she sees........yikes..gasp....THE PRICE TAG!
    3400 DOLLARS?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I walked out saying i was just getting the cutiepie TODS bag(My funky new diaper bag for GLAM MA...LMAO....SIGH

    But ..crap....I cant stop thinking of this CHANEL!WAHHHHHHH!
    I JUST got a black jumbo AND a Black baby sharpie in the last week.WHAT SHOULD I DO?
    HEHE...SIGH.....Its way too high a price... IMHO..YOUR OPINIONS?
  2. I also TOOK PICS of a brand new GST they got in today.I have to say the leather is WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I didnt like it!I like the old shiny leather WAY BETTER!!!!Its too matte for me.
    I wore my jumbo in to Saks so I took pics of MY CAVIAR JUMBO VS the NEW GST CAVIAR for u all to see....
  3. [​IMG]
  4. your purple jumbo is so pretty!
  5. $3400 is too much for the hidden label IMO. Love your jumbo though!
  6. LOL..Its black(NOT Purple) actually...Bad iphone pic!

    Im also getting the pink Jumbo when it comes in...sigh

    PS-Remember the pics I posted from HARPERS of the 2 KILLER CHANEL BAGS?CHANEL 1-800 called me today to say..THEY ARENT AVAILABLE IN THE USA MARKET!!!!
  7. Mind u ..I have a 450 EGC card AND ILL GET A NEW 450 EGC card

    ROFL.....IM TRYING...I SWEAR.....
  8. SOOO where are the pictures of the hidden chain in white???? Dying to see it here:heart:H
  9. I love the black hidden label bag! That is gorgeous & really different from your black classic jumbo. It is alot more casual. I'm thinking about a pink jumbo too. From what I've heard, it is in lambskin though. Is that what your SA has told you?
  10. ^YEP...Pink is avail ONLY in lambskin(Hidden label is ALSO lamb!)
  11. lmao GO JILL!
  12. I think $3400 is way too high IMHO. It looks like another classic flap. Its just "ok" for me.
  13. wow...the price tag is like ermmm......i probably think abt it. Lovely bag but not sure if i want to spend that much for a bag USD3400...LOL
  14. Wow! Too pricey for me, GO GET it JILL!!!!!;)
  15. to me the secret label bag is a lil more edgy than the regular classics, a bit more 'rocker' but still classy chic in a way ... if you get it for the egc, you'd save 900 off of the tods bag if you still wanted it....

    as for the bazaar's thing - why would they post the pics in their US magazine if they wont be available:shame:

    good luck with your decision!!