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  1. http://www. xxx xx xxxxxxx.com

    I cannot believe this! We should all call and email and maybe they will go AWAY! Read about how they send real bags to thier factory in CHINA and buy the same materials to make a quality designer handbag at a fraction of the pirce! WHAT??? :cursing::cursing: :hysteric:
  2. This is sickening!!!
  3. Lol.. if you look at the MC line it does look obviously fake. They aren't doing a very good job are they? xD
  4. Yuck!!!!!!!!
  5. :tdown:
  6. LOL! Yeah, HIGH quality huh? EEEWWW!!
  7. :sick: gross.
  8. they r using the real pics for alot of their advertising. isnt THAT illegal?!!!!
  9. Report this website to LVMH.....
  10. I posted it so that we can ALL reprot the website! That should take them down for sure! ;)
  11. Sorry if I sould like a doofus :upsidedown: but what is LVMH and how do we report this ridiculous site to them?

  12. Just go on to the Vuitton website help section email them and include the address.

    You'll get an email back saying thank you and has been passed on confeiting/legal team
  13. http://www.lvmh.fr/

    Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (is the formal group of Louis Vuitton company, I think)
  14. Can't believe people wanna buy a copy for so much money... :sick:
  15. That's just terrible ... even the pics look crappy to me! They definitely need to be reported!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.