AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!tiny footsteps in my attic..Im freakin..!!

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  1. I think i have an animal of some type in my attic...sniff..i hear footsteps above my bedroom(Talk about not being able to sleep...!)
    who do i call?will an exterminator do it?im thinking it may b a squirrel..it sounds kinda big...sigh..gasp...
  2. Oh no!!! BBB found a snake in her laundry room a while back. I'll try to find the thread about how she got rid of it. So scary!
  3. Oh no Jill, Yes call someone to get rid of it & find where it got in & block it up. Probably if it's a squirrel it will go in & out so maybe can get the hold blocked up without killing it.
    Nothing would freak me out only if a rat got in I would MOVE!
  4. I can't find anything on who to call. Oh how horrible. :sad:

    What about county animal control?
  5. It might be a possum. My sister had this same experience, heard the noise and a while later there, hanging out of the vent was a possum tail.
    I know you did not want to hear that.
  6. good god.....NOT helping..LMAO

    seriously..if its a mouse/rat....id sell the house(my next door neighbor had them once in her KITCHEN....id puke)
  7. I read your title and thought "OH MY GOD ITS A GHOST OR A GOBLIN IN HER ATTIC"......of course I'm watching paranormal state while coming across your thread LOLOLOL!..
  8. ok..REALLY not helping now.....LMAO

    I watched a scary movie yesterday too...sigh.
  9. Try Ehrlich pest control. They do servicing for all types of pests & I believe they do come out for emergency services too.

    Good luck! I know it must be kinda scary.
  10. First thing I thought of was a ghost too :P We also watched a scary movie the other night.

    I would call the exterminator. If it's not a rat or mouse, I'm sure the exterminator would have an idea what to do next.
  11. Ok this is kinda freaky and gross, but this is supposed to be helpful!!!

    My parents had an animal in their attic. It kept walking around and I would hear it when I went to their house too. The exterminator set traps a few times and the animal always got out, but kept coming back.

    Long story short, it was a possum and it finally DIED in their attic. The stench was SO horrible I can not even explain it. It was the worst smell in the world.

    Call tomorrow and be VERY persistent with them to look into this and catch the animal. And then you should have someone out to your house to cover up the holes that are allowing the animal in. Some laundry something or other wasn't sealed properly at my parents house.

    Best of luck, but take care of this now!!!!!
  12. If it was a possum I would move out and let him have the house. Lol.

    Scariest story ever Megs. Actually, I think I would just die if there was a possum in my house.
  14. Quel nightmare! I hope the creature is caught!
  15. My parents often had raccoons in their attic ... they called a company that set traps and they also blocked up the holes where they got in. Problem solved pretty easily.

    Remember the story a while back about George Michael having a guy live in his basement? He saw him through the floorboards.