Ahhhhhhhh I really need to stop being so damn indecisive!!

  1. So ladies i've been going crazy over the fendi spy for a while now. I own and love the cognac alot its a beautiful rich color and I can dress it up and down. Soon after i purchsed the white spy, i was afraid to carry it because i always find a way to get my purses dirty. I returned the purse.
    Now I have a chance to buy the westeria (spy with the flowers) in white or honey and i'm really torn. I'm afraid i won't carry the white one for the reasons above then the honey i think is too close in color to my cognac a few shades lighter......
    I really need someone to just tell me once and for all to not buy spys anymore or if you think i should why and which one? maybe i should just wait until something really different comes out...although i think the westeria is quite different....
    btw i already bought a ivory marc jacobs stam to kinda replace my white spy return....
    honeyspy.jpg whitewspy.jpg
  2. I soo understand..I have a spy sitting with the tags on for a couple of months..I cant figure out how I can love a bag sooo much and NOT use it!
    I would go for the honey spy...I think the white is too scary to wear..I would be terrified of getting it dirty and it would ruin the fun of carrying it!Good Luck!!!
  3. I love spys too! I have one in honey, and I adore it.

    I obsessed about the wisteria spys for ages - especially the one in honey - until a few members on this board and/or TFS said that the flowers don't stay upright but are squished down, detracting from the prettiness of the bag. Also, people mentioned that the flowers would make the bag's upkeep high maintenance, since bits could get caught in them.

    Still, I can't get over how beautiful they are... and if I ever did get one, I'd care for that baby like a Bichon Frise showdog.

    If you get one, I vote for the honey. White without the flowers is fragile enough - I think I'd become OCD if my spy was white WITH flowers.
  4. I vote for the honey, too. The only white bag I'm getting is the Dior gaucho and that's because it's already dirty!! I could never keep white clean.
  5. I adore the white one but it could get dirtier and messed up alot easier. So, I would go with the honey.
  6. So you ladies don't think that the honey and cognac brown is too close in color?? that is a major concern too. thanks for the quick responses!!!
  7. I habe to vote for the honey. I saw it IRL, and even though I am not a huge Spy fan, this bag was really gorgeous. The color is so rich and versatile, and you won't have to be too scared to get it dirty. It's just a beautiful color!!!!
  8. I lile the white! To me, flowers and white say "sping! summer!" but to me the honey color makes the flowers look dead.
  9. The white is a disappointment waiting to happen! It will get dirty in minutes and then you will wish you had purchased the honey. I love white bags, but I'll never spend big bucks on a white bag again. It's not worth the stress of worrying the entire time you are carrying it and being upset when the inevitable happens. Sorry to be so negative but I've had terrible luck with white bags--even when I baby them...
  10. I'd pass on the white--it looks WAY too high maintenance and a potential disappointment when it gets dirty. Although the Wisteria is really pretty in honey, I'd pass--I think those flowers are too high maintenance and there's going to come a point when they flowers could look "ratty."

    Maybe you should wait and see whatelse there is for Spys that aren't in the brown/beige color family. Something in a different color might be nice.
  11. I love the white too, but I won't buy it cos it's just too difficult to maintain. I'll go for the honey if I were you.
  12. I like the honey color.
  13. i can totally understand! im INDECISIVE too... but for this bag... i'm gonna have to say the brown/honey one! good luck!!!
  14. Oh I like the honey color. You could get more use out of it.
  15. Moe, I completely understand...I have a chocolate spy, hologram spy and hologram hobo.I was contemplating cancelling my order for the Honey Wisteria spy when the SA called, but when I saw the pictures of the honey Wisteria, I new I HAD to have it. I wear my spy's SO often, it just makes sense, even if its a few shades lighter than chocolate, close to the copper color of the hologram's, but hey, I will adore it I know because of that feminine touch with the flowers. I use and abuse my bags at this point. So I say enjoy the color you will use the most and go for it if you find this design great for your wardrobe!