Ahhhhh my face!

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  1. Good news: So the SO very sweetly got me a trip to the spa for Valentine's day. :yahoo:

    Bad news: The trip included a facial that has my face a mess! My face is SO dry, peeling, cracking...just horrible. :rant: My face is so dry that it's even WRINKLING UP in some places!!

    I've never gotten a facial before....has anyone had this happen? Is this SUPPOSED to happen? My treatment included a mud mask, exfoliation, and who knows what.

    I've been moisturizing, but that isn't helping. Advice please!!

  2. This is not normal. You should go see a dermatologist.
  3. oh no! im sorry. i know that when i do or use new things on my face it sometimes dries out and gets peally...but what you described sounds drastic. maybe it just really messed up the balance...keep moisturizing and if it doesn't get better quickly go see a dermatologist.
  4. How long ago was it? I would give it a week to see if maybe your skin is purging. However, it could also possibly be from an allergic reaction to one of the products they used. Seems like they gave you a really strong facial with some heavy duty products. I've never had anything like that happen.
  5. Update!

    I just got my Clarisonic brush, so I guess this was a good test to see how well it works haha! It definitely helped smooth out my skin and get rid of the peelies.

    Thanks for all your input! I'm definitely not letting a random person do a facial EVER again. Lesson learned!!
  6. Make sure to use a fragrance free moisturizer if your skin has been sensitive.
  7. That sounds awful. Are you using a good moisturizer now?
  8. No, I'm not :sad: I usually use Perricone Face Finishing moisturizer but ran out. I'm still on the hunt for an HG!

    Any suggestions? I have combination skin..the worst!
  9. Honestly chubbiebunnie, the best I have found so far is Cera Ve moisturizer. You can get it from a Walgreens/Rite Aid (CVS) for about $12 for 12 fl oz. I have combination/sensitive skin and I've been using it for over four years since my derm told me about it. I have nothing but good things to say about it. It doesn't break me out or irritate my skin in the slightest. Cera Ve also makes a moisturizing cream, but I prefer the lotion. I think the cream would be better for super dry peeling skin.
  10. ^Agree! I love Cera Ve, my dermatologist told me about it years ago and its the best lotion (along with Cetaphil) I've come across!
  11. I am not a fan of facials for myself, they do the same thing to me, and then I usually break out a couple days after...
  12. This is the reason why I have never gotten a facial...I'm too scared of something like this happening. I would freak out!
  13. that is definitely not normal. I get facials alot and that has never happened to me and I have oily problem skin
  14. Ooo....$12 sounds great for my pocketbook! Thanks for the suggestions, luxe K and desi!

    I'll have to get some and update!
  15. Did you call the place that gave you the facial? I was thinking they'd be able to tell you or help you on what to do as you can't be the only one who has had this reaction from their services.