Ahhhhh....found grease paint simples at Holts BUT

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  1. waiting to see if they can/will ship to the US?

    I'm SOOOO excited to have found them in my size, too bad most of the other colors were pretty much gone already =(

    So I'm really hoping this works out...has anyone ever ordered from Holt stores from the US?

    I hope the taxes and shipping wont like double the price of the shoe...:sweatdrop:
  2. Well I just called but they told me they will not ship here. She said I could have them sent to someone in Canada and they could ship to me....well that won't happen...I am sad
  3. well if anyone wants i can help u out cuz i live in vancouver
  4. oooo good luck! and that's very kind of you angelie!
  5. ^^ohhhh Holt in Toronto said they will ship...the SA i found there (Juan) seemed VERY NICE and HELPFUL and knew what he was doing. told me shipping would be 60 USD and Id be responsible for any taxes from Fedex and it should arrive to me in VA/DC area within 2-3 business days (which i hope is true yippeee)

    still hoping that ill find the pewter/grey and the light blue pair in my size too....

    lemme know if youd like Juan's info...but I just called the Toronto Holt Renfrew main line and asked for designer womens shoes =)...tell him Cory sent ya if you end up talking to him...he'll remember when you say the girl from the US LOL
  6. I'm confused.... is pewter grey = black grease paint?

    FedEx = bad.... heavy brokerage fees.

    Cory I sent you a msg!
  7. Good luck getting them. Keep us posted.
  8. Aw you are too sweet!:flowers:
  9. So what are you going to get??????
  10. u r gonna get charged a lot if hes declaring full value.
    Check the vancouver store for the blue ones.
  11. I helped her look and they were only available in size 36.5 I think (it could have been another size cuz I can't remember).
  12. oh noooo hope it wont be toooo bad on the brokerage fees :sad:

    and theres both the black AND the pewter grey...im emailing u back again...my last message got sent back to me
  13. ohhhh i forgot in all this rush haha--the fuschia/hot pink grease simples 85mm in a size 35.5 weeeeeeeeeeee
  14. ill call vancouver tomorrow but i think juan checked his computer system and thought the blues came smallest as a size 36 :sad:

    not sure what he did on declaring the value though....
  15. Yep, that was confirmed with the SA I talked to this afternoon.