ahhhh SO PUMPED!

  1. Okay, I just got ahold of the manager at my local Coach because I applied for a holiday position and she said she wants me to work there!!!

    The thing is, I have another job, but the manager is totally willing to work with my schedule because she thinks i'd be a really good employee!!!

    This is just fab because I need the extra money and the discount is amazing! I want to cry :yahoo:

    I just really needed someone to share it with because my mom is out and she's busy and my boyfriend is at work so I have no one to tell!
  2. Yayyy so exciting, I was so tempted to work there, when an SA said I should, but I then realized, I would never see 1 penny of my paycheck b/c it would be spen before I even got it!! LOL Congrats!!! I'm sure you'll love it!!!!!
  3. Haha thanks! I know i'll spend a good chunk there, but I don't think i'll go TOO nuts!

    PS That picture in your signature is ADORABLE!!!
  4. That's wonderful!! Congrats! Don't spend all your money there though.
  5. YAY!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

    Candace...LOL...that's why you decide ahead of time that you will actually work directly for your Coach now and use your paycheck only for Coach stuff...don't work there full time, work supplementally to support your habit :smile:
  6. Congratulations!!! i think that would be so fun and would totally do it if I didn't have DS. That's awesome they're willing to work around your schedule!
  7. AWSOME!!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!:yahoo::woohoo::tup:
  8. wowwwwwwwwwww congrats!!!!!!!!!
  9. Congrats on the job offer. I would love to work there but then I would spend to much so DH says no way.
  10. Congratulations!! I am so jealous. I don't think my credit is good enough to work there, even as a seasonal employee.
  11. WOW!! Congrats :wlae:That's wonderful!!! Hope you enjoy your new job!!
  12. What wonderful news. I love all my SA(s)...they are super nice and helpful. You are going to do well there!
  13. Congrats!!!!!!
  14. Congrats! I really want to work there PT for "fun" but the closest store is over an hour away :crybaby:

  15. From what I heard they don't do a credit check, just a background check.