ahhhh! rant!

  1. Well! where do i START!!!
    Last week i bid on a pair of tickets to see shayne ward in manchester in feb, i won the tickets and paid the seller straight away through the paynow button on the email. Well days and days went by without hearing from the seller and they hadnt removed the funds from the paypal so i thought hmm something not right and emailed them numerous times to tell them i had paid etc... and why wernt they removing the funds. So i emailed again to say withdraw the funds before 9 tonight (sat) or im cancelling payment. They never so i cancelled my payment. On the tuesday after i get an invoice for the tickets, but by this time i bought some off a ticket site because they never responded. I told them that i had paid and sent numerous emails that they never replied to and they opened a dispute with me.
    Meanwhile i had listed tickets to westlife as i cant attend the sat night no more so i sold these and bought some more for the friday last night. Then today i get loads of emails off ebay saying theyve suspended my account because somebody has hacked me and is listing things and bidding on items :wtf: well they'd cancelled the westlife tickets i sold! but ive spoken with the seller and we will continue the transaction out of ebay however i have a feeling the person im buying the next tickets off will relist and not sell me them which now gives me a headache, ive told my mate were fine and sorted.
    argh what to doooo! ive got my account back up, i entered a pin or something that ebay rang me with but urgh i could do without all this!

    sorry for the long rant! i just needed to get it all out!

    thanks for listening
  2. :hysteric: let it out, sister! I'm definitely not too pleased with eBay right now either.. but I can't even imagine all the crap you've gone through! I really hope everything works out, tPF is here for you!!