Ahhhh! My first B BAG!!!!!

  1. Ok, I can't even wait to get it, I have to share! I just won this auction!!!


  2. Congratulations!!! Love the brown!
  3. congrats!
  4. Congratulations! Funny, I was JUST browsing that seller's list! :biggrin:
  5. Congrats. But please read the Bal forum rules: no eBay links. Perhaps you could save a pic and post that?


  6. OMG!!! I am soo sorry! I will replace with a pic!
  7. Ok here's a pic!
    b bag.jpg
  8. congrats! it looks like it has really great leather :heart:
  9. congrats! is it a Vert Fonce Flat Messenger? cool :jammin:
  10. YAY! Congrats!
  11. Great! Is that from HG? If so, authentic - for sure.

    You're gonna love it. I wanted to get one too but can't get a grip on the messenger styles too.
  12. Yay for you! I have a fat messenger in Vert Fonce and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her! My friend, (PitViolin on tPF) just got the exact same messenger as you and it is STUNNING. She loves it and it looks amazing. I'll think you will flip at how gorgeous the leather is plus how awesome the messenger bag is. Congrats and post modelling pics once she arrives!
  13. That is lovely - congrats!!!
  14. wow, congrats!
  15. wow, this is gorgeous! congrats!!