AHHHH!!!! I MISSED IT!!! 03 Black CIty for $1000!!

  1. oh no!
  2. beautiful! did a PFer get it? if so---CONGRATS! amazing find!
  3. OOoh who got this beauty?
  4. Unbelievable, amazing deal! I am going to be in MI around Christimas and am going to have to check out AFF in person.
  5. Wow!!! Amazing find indeed!
  6. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: I would have loved to buy it too!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  7. ahhh i know!!!!! I saw it when it was on hold and when i called it was sold already!!! such an amazing deal!!
  8. ugh. what a fabulous find indeed.
    congrats to whoever got her~
  9. It was gone within 10 seconds of it being listed on her site.
  10. With a statistic like this, you can't get too down on yourself for not jumping on it. I've definitely missed out on bags when I haven't been there to see them, but you gotta have a life away from the computer every now and again ;)
  11. What? life beyond online shopping???:shocked: