AHHHH =( I just got the vintage jumbo in the mail and OH NO!!! =*(****

  1. Okay. So it was nicely wrapped with bubble wrap~ They told me they didn't have the dust bag. So I was opening up the bubble wrap and it had tape all over it. The tape was pretty sticky and one of the strips got on my bag :sad: And when I took the strip of tape off the bag, so did part of the leather :sad: Is this normal??? I'm assuming this happened because it's really old? But isn't it lambskin?? I didn't think it was supposed to come off??????

    I'm sooooooooooo sad.
    I don't know what to do~
    I'll post pictures in a sec..

    It's not very noticable in the pictures....
    I think it's cause of the flash & my room is very dark right now.

    But heres what it looks like~

    it's on the right side~

    upper right side of the bag~ (flap part)
  2. O my, that doesn't sound good..
    did you get it authenticated here?
  3. ^ Yes I did.
    Everything looks good. I got the cards & carecard- they look good too. The card matches the hologram sticker inside the bag as well.


    Still, is it normal for this to happen~?
  4. aww that sucks.. they shouldn't have been using such sticky tape in the first place.. you should sent it back
  5. I'm so sorry, maybe bring it to a boutique and see what they can do.
  6. The SA at Chanel in Beverly Hills told me that Chanel never made Jumbo in lambskin. Where did you get it?

  7. there are jumbos that are made in lambskin. i suppose your SA could be wrong. this jumbo she has gotten is vintage from 10 years ago, it's highly sought after ever since nicole richie carried it. it's in a discontinued rare XL size.

  8. Are you serious? A lot of us, me included, have jumbos in lambskin!

    back to topic, is this tape residue or did the actual leather tear off??
  9. I don't think juicyme's jumbo is XL because it is the same size as the regular jumbo's now. So sorry that this has happened to you after you were sooo looking forward to getting the bag. My suggestion would be to take it to a Chanel boutique and see if they can repair it for you, and get in touch with the seller for packing the bag with sticky tape and let her know that the tape stuck to the leather and has peeled it off!
  10. ^ leather teared off~ i have a pic of the tape
  11. yeah, and it's actually not hte XL. it's the regular sized~~ =)
  12. i guess my question is~ is this normal?? i never would've thought the leather would come off because of some tape!!!! *sighh
  13. Here are pics of the tape:


  14. Lambskin is very delicate, heck if you put tape on walls it peels the paint off....The seller must have used some hi tack sticky tape. E-mail her, it is her FAULT for packing the bag without care.