Ahhhh! :) Got one of those whiskey Legacy bags!!!

  1. I RUSHED up to the Castle Rock outlets this morning in the snow and snatched the last one of the 2 Legacy shoulder bags in whiskey they had left! She's TDF!!!!!! :drool: It was ONLY $143+tax!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much to WANDER for posting about this GREAT deal!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

    New leather Legacy bag....come to mamma.......I LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. $143 +tax!?!? OMG! THATS A STEAL!!!
  3. Pics! Pics!
  4. Oh I know! It's because yesterday wander posted about the great deals on them so I had to rush up there!

    As soon as hubby gets back from the Disney Princesses on Ice show with my camera, I'll take pics of her! She's a BEAUT! LOL!
  5. wow, that is an awesome deal - seems like the Castle Rock prices were way lower... very cool!
  6. yay! congrats! :woohoo: I can't wait for the pics
  7. GREAT DEAL!!! I can't wait for the pix! CONGRATS!
  8. what else did they have left when you left the store? i have a few more bags on hold and my husband will be picking them up again later today. i'm just curious to know what my other options are since he has no idea what to look for but is soo sweet to brave the outlet in the first place to pick up my held items.
  9. they had one more whiskey like mine, a whole table of black signature ali stuff, and a few more legacy things in leather...sorry I didn't look too well...I was after that Legacy shoulder so my eyes made a bee line to it and from then on I was in a daze...haha! :smile: BRAVE hubby you have!!! :smile:

    Oh, I did notice a TON of Carly pouches too!
  10. ^^
    thanks! it's been hard for me to focus enough to tell him what to look for and i'm not even in the store!! ha ha i'm sure my eyes would have glazed over too:smile:
    it kills me b/c i was at that outlet twice last week (friday and saturday) and they had nothin'. now i'm 8 hrs away and they get legacy in!! luckily my husband is still there on his business trip! i almost settled on a soho bag last week b/c i was bummed not to find another bag i wanted. i'm sooo glad i didn't! i cannot wait to see my beautiful bags! he won't be home for a week and 1/2!
  11. black signature ali's? and carly pouches? or do you meach the small carly?
  12. Yep! They had black signature with a black leather flap Ali's...and maybe they were the small Carly...I have only ever seen the medium and large ones IRL at the boutiques. But they had khaki, black, and chocolate of those! :smile:
  13. i think you are talking about the small carly. they were on the right side closer to the front and were $143 right? i didn't see the puches yesterday but if they have them today, i may have to go and grab one.
    i also didn't see any signature ali's.... hmm.. maybe i should go back..lol
  14. Ya! That's where I saw the Carly's! So they must be the smalls!

    Call up there and see if they still have the black sig Ali flaps! They were on a table RIGHT in front of where the Legacy shoulder bags were towards the left, way in the back of the store.
  15. Congrats on getting one of them! My outlet also only had 2 whiskey shoulder bags left, but they were pretty beat up so I got the sig instead. Enjoy your new bag :tup: