ahhhh, finally broke the ban...

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  1. After about a year and a half LV binge and one Gucci bag and shoe purchase, I haven't made a purchase since July!

    About a week ago I waitlisted for the white continental guccisima wallet... I'm glad my break was another piece of gucci. The white is so unpractical, perfect for a Libra like me!

    Hooray, just wanted to share, hopefully it won't come till march...lol... by that time, I'll have sold a townhouse and can afford it....haha....

    Gucci Goo!:heart:
  2. Congrats! I love the guccissima wallets, I have one in pink!
  3. Pink!!! OMG!!!!! How freaking cool is that. You totally rock!
  4. Congrats! I want a guccissima bag/wallet... The leather looks so delicious! Enjoy your new wallet!
  5. ooh ooh ooh i wanna see pics!!! I bet it's a beauty congratulations!!!! :tender::tender:
  6. Thanks! I'll post pics as soon as beauty arrives! I'll get batteries and camera out this weekend and post some pics of my one and only other Gucci. I love her!

    That cruise collection is stunning! LOVE the platinum britt hobo!
  7. Ohhhh white, so pretty!! Congrats!! i have the chocolate guccissima continental wallet
    that i bought about 2 years ago and it's great. I switched out and my mom adopted it,
    she uses it all the time. Oh and it's always good to spread the love around
    from LV to Gucci [i've been doing that too lately] :girlsigh:
  8. Yep, spread the love, my next will be the gold gucci messenger,,, wowza.:yahoo:
  9. PICS!! PICS!! PICS!! PICS!!
    woohoo....I am proud of you girl for breaking the ban!!:yahoo:Please post a pic :yes: X
  10. I am waitlisted for the red guccissima
  11. I have offcially off my ban since Sept 15th, but haven't broken it yet...CONGRATS!
  12. yay! good for you!!! Congrats!
  13. Right on Noegirl, red is hot;)