AHHHH Ebay someone help

  1. Does anyone have a better way I can get in touch with the Chanel people that participate in the ebay vero program? My bag got taken off and I know it is real. I didn't use any stock photos or anything and I just want an explanation. I can find so many fakes on ebay I do not understand why my real one got taken off without an explanation. I suspect the chanel people frequent this blog so can someone please help. I'm trying to do my mother a favor by selling her bag and no I feel like I'm being taken hostage for no reason. Sorry venting.:hysteric: I just wish I had ananwer to why it was removed. Maybe I don't know the secrect code. Maybe I need to join THE OPUS DEI to sell my purse online. What ever I did wrong forgive me father for I have sinned. LOL I'm just kidding. I would love to know why I was frowned apon.AHHHHH
    oh well-Colleen
  2. Yes happened to me. When I complained to ebay they asked me to take it up with Chanel - I will find the e-mail address and let you know
  3. So I did get a reply from the chanel law department. They asked me to send additional photos of stiching inside and outside and tags. I sent 11 different pictures to the great Chanel gods so we will see what happens. I think it's great people are getting busted for selling fakes. But there are so many very apparent ones I just don't get it. Brand new chanel purse authentic buy it now for $79.00 Yea right! Have you noticed all of those and they don't get caught but my real one gets kicked off? They said after they authenticate it my the pictures I will be allowed to put it back on. Yes and I will look like an idiot. I'm sorry everyone who bid on my purse and it got taken off for "security" reasons. Hey you wanna bid on it again? I swear it's real LOL
    Oh well what are you gonna do right? I'm just going through the motions.:wlae: Have a great day everyone!
    Sorry for the rambling!
  4. It is good to know that someone is out there watching for fake purses to pop up on ebay. I am sure that once Chanel reviews your pics, you will be able to repost and sell that bag. good luck!
  5. I got an email from ebay to say my account was supended when i was selling a LV bag (which was real).

    It was actually a bogus email, trying to get me to enter my username & password etc so BEWARE, the email i got was not from ebay atall but someone wanting to hack into my account.

    I contacted ebay and they said they never email members and ask you to disclose any of your ID information - any email asking you to do so is bogus. so be very careful.

  6. mommytodrew, please pm me with the address to Chanel, as the same thing happened to me and I couldn't get any info from Ebay as to steps to verify that my bag was real! I purchase it at Saks!!

    I so agree with you --- they somehow pick out the real bags and let the $49.99 Buy it now bags slide. This :cursing: me off, but I need to sell my bag.
    Good luck on your auction, and keep us posted on the outcome.
  7. Unfortunately with them tightening this process, some legitimate sellers are gonna be affected by it too. :sad:
  8. I think they should tighten their process, but at least set it up with a pre approval basis or something other than just pulling the auction and sending you an alert notice that says ---- too bad your auction has been pulled.
    I still can not find out how to get my auction approved, and that is after 2 calls to ebay and 2 emails. I'm hoping mommytodrew will let me know.