ahhhh!!! ALMOST got my mono speedy :(

  1. im so fustrated! lol i went to LV yorkdale today even though i swore to myself i would never go again. i had to pick up a dress from holts..surprisingly at LV, there were some really nice SA's today. first time ever! so i decided to get the mono speedy 30. i paid for it $706 to be exact and then they bring the bag with the purse out. THERE IS NO BOX! i know that yorkdale is notorious for not giving out boxes. they were like we dont have boxes for speedys because they are too small- we only have the huge boxes. LIARS! so annoying... Bloor has boxes for everything! so after i found out that "there were no boxes" i was just like void it. so i didnt end up getting the speedy. im not a person thats going to pay for a 700 purse and not get everything that i should get with it. im planning on going to bloor this weekend instead. when i got my azur speedy to got a box automatically!
  2. I would have just gone back later and picked up the box. Personally, I wouldn't have been able to leave without the speedy. I'm sad you didn't get it. They may have just been out of boxes because of the Valentine's Day rush.

    Let us know when you get it. I'm excited for you! I love my mono speedy!
  3. How sad. I would've still bought it, even without the box.
  4. AWW...hope u get yr bag netx time..:tup: btw, u cna always go back another to pick up the boxes...:yes:
  5. Hope you get your speedy soon.
  6. I commend you on your willpower!!! I probably would have been a door mat and said "Oh? Ok then," and shuffled my way out the door with just a bag in a bag in a bag. (Instead of a bag in a bag in a box in a bag)
  7. lol it just isnt the same to come home and open a dustbag...i like the whole feeling of opening up a big box! :biggrin:.

    and to add...i actually asked " so could i just go to bloor and get a box" the SA was just like 'well it depends on the SA". i was like WTF! LOL that was a main reason why i didnt get the speedy. she gave me a stupid answer.
  8. Ok I think we have lost our goal...why is it so important to have a box anyway?? Isn't our target the bag in the box???
    I keep reading people raging about lazy SAs etc. and I'm asking what's the big deal???!!!!
    If you like the bag you don't care about anything else...IMHO

    BTW they are not so expensive to make us be treated as kings and queens...cough
  9. I don't really like the Yorkdale SAs either lol..& that sucks about the box - hope you get the speedy soon!!
  10. just to clarify, first i never said ANYTHING about lazy SA's. and please keep your negative opinions to yourself. :smile:
  11. I bought my mono speedy 25 at the Bloor location and I asked for a box. The SA told me the same thing your SA told you! That they don't have boxes for speedies because they are small. He did offer to give me a big one though =) Hope you get your speedy soon!
  12. Oh no it's not negative at all...I'm sorry that you were determined to buy something you really liked and you let something really small and insignificant ruin it. I just don't see why.
    Hope you weren't offended.BTW I spoke of lazy SAs because mainly that's the reason they don't give you boxes...
    I'm sorry xo-xo...wish you to buy your bag as quick as possible...
  13. I've actually never received a box from any of the Toronto stores.. ah doesn't really matter considering I'd probably just recycle them anyways !
  14. I really dont find the box to be important. I got one with my first purchase because my mom told my SA that it was my birthday, etc. but everytime now ive specifically asked to NOT get a box..its bad for the environment and so useless.
  15. Agreed. They shouldn't treat the person who is spending $10,000 any different than one spending $600. All customers should be treated with RESPECT, not necessarily like kings or queens or worshipped or anything. If a customer has a request, they should do their best to honor it. That's all it comes down to. That's all customer service has ever been about.