ahhh worst dayyy ever :(

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  1. i havent got any coach in a LONG time so i thought i'd finally treat my self to the N initial charm that i had been wanting FOREVER.
    i found the one i really wanted and ordered it off ebay.

    this morning i go to look at a house and it ends up being PERFECT so my friends and i sign the lease and go to the bank so we can each get a check for the down payment. i go to get mine and the guy goes ...ummm where do you think this money is coming from, your account is at NEGATIVE numbers.
    turns out paypal had screwed something up and i got charged tons of money!
    so i spent several hours at the bank and now i'm still in negative numbers until paypal responds to what the bank sent them uggggggggggggg.

    whyyy does this crap always happen to me?

    i still got the house though, so yay my purses have a new home!
  2. I am so sorry this happen to you. I can so relate, I found my account to have considerably less today than it should have. Apparently when I purchased McAfee last year in the fine print it indicated it was a recurring annual subscription. I did not realize that, and if that wasn't enough they charged me for the subscription three times in one week. A total of $227.28, I discovered this because I tried to order a bag I've been lusting over. Now I have to wait 5-6 business days for the refund to post.

    Funny how neither of us are at fault and we are both waiting for OUR money to be returned to us.

    Glad you got the House, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sorry to heart this. I hope you work everything out with Paypal, damn they are scary. Congrats on the house.
  4. OMG! I am so sorry this happened to you! It is awesome that you got a house though!
  5. thanks everyone! this week was bad, first a spill in my favorite purse and now this!
  6. Congrats on the new house! I hope you get everything worked out with paypal.
  7. You have to be really careful with paypal. I have had my fair share of problems with them, a couple of times they charged me twice for items I had purchased off Ebay and put my bank account in the neg. and they tried to say my bank was lying..ha ha yeah right!! Anyway somebody sent me the site paypalsucks.com and I was horrified when I read some of the things that were happening to people..we live in a scary world!!
  8. Oh no! I know how you feel! At least it was because of an error though, I hope they can fix it! I just realized this weekend that I overdrafted my account, but it was not a mistake, lol!
  9. That's scary! I always use credit card only with Paypal and I keep under $150 in that bank acct. that's linked to Paypal and only use that bank acct. with Paypal to pay for postage labels, I always use the credit card for all my purchases. My credit card company would help me fight any disputes. I wonder if this way I do it is good or not but I haven't had any problems with Paypal thank goodness.

    edit: I hope you get this all cleared up very soon! So sorry it happened. Things should be alright.
  10. Sorry to hear that. I do similar things as oopsididitagain does.
  11. Oh I'm so sorry! It sounds like you're having a yucky week! Don't worry, things will look up. You'll straighten it out. <<<Hugs>>>:flowers:
  12. OMGoosh congratulations... I am so happy for you and the house.... Too bad they had to ruin it.. but I am excited cause I plan on moving in with my boyfriend in 9 months...
  13. Wow - major bummer but glad you got the house. I like the idea of using a separate account for Paypal as I usually have a high checking balance because my business expenses get deposited there too - I do almost always pay for purchases w/ a cc - if it's over $20, it goes on a cc. I keep hearing horror stories though -ugh!
  14. Oh man that sucks, but I can relate. I discovered our checking account balance to be in the red on Sunday night. Turns out someone has been fraudulently using our account and drained it! I had to charge groceries and gas on Monday! Luckily, our mortgage company is being really cool about waiting to cash our monthly payment check while we wait for the bank to refund everything.

    I said the exact thing as you "Why does this stuff always happen to me?"
    You should go to that papypalsucks website and make a complaint!!! Congrats on the house though!!
  15. Glad you got the house. Similar to oops, I have a separate account just for Paypal. I transfer in from my regular account and I only keep around $200 in the account at any given time. Originally I set that up as security against someone finding out my ebay account but it looks like it was a good thing to protect against paypal.
    You all are so nice and informative here. I sometimes don't think of a business like Paypal as doing things like double-charging you, etc, but after all, people work there and people mess up.
    Here's to a better day!!! ;)