Ahhh Why Do The Do This To Me?!!

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  1. My parents said i can get a new bag soon:yahoo:, but they want to see that i am able to wait so they are making me wait OVER A MONTH:crybaby:!!!! i am getting my first BBag Nov 15, but i cant wait anymore!!!!!!!! i want it NOW:cursing:!!!! This totally sucks. oh well, only like 30 days or so.
  2. aww i'm sorry you have to wait... but the month will fly by! which balenciaga are you getting?
  3. They are just trying to teach you about patience and discipline ... don't worry, good things come to those who wait ... you never know, if you patiently wait, they might even reward you with something else ... that's what I do with my kids.
    Let us know which bbag you get!
  4. It will make it so much better once you get it!!! You'll be fine!!!
  5. Your patience will be rewarded. I haven't asked for any of my Balenciaga's (except the 1st one, which I jokingly asked for lol!)... and now I have 3 and am ordering a 4th later this week! Before you know it it will be Nov 15th :yes:

    What bag are you getting btw? :jammin:
  6. Sorry you have to wait, but like sweetpurple said, good things come to those who wait patiently! From experience, I'd suggest being really nice (not that you aren't nice, you know what I mean, SUPER nice!) , not badgering, and once the wait is over, being very thankful. This way, your parents will see you can find the patience, be pleasant despite the torturous wait, and reward them with your thanks and respect. They want you to be happy but grounded as well! Next time, there might be less wait or no wait all all!!!! We understand your "need it now" feeling, for sure and are here for you to vent! Start the countdown and can't wait to see your Bbag!!!!!
  7. You'll see, it'll go by quickly.
  8. As frustrating as it is, sometimes it's good to wait! I'm constantly putting myself on a purse budget and sometimes it's more rewarding when I've been patient. Please post pics when you have your bag. Good luck!!
  9. thanks everyone. your posts make me feel much better.

    and im looking at gettting a balenciaga motorcycle first bag
  10. Exciting! I love the first! You can spend time thinking of cute outfits to wear with it!
  11. lvuittonaddict: u're joining us here~!!!!
    don't worry, 30 days will past by quickly..........we're all here for you..
    u have great parents! :yes:
  12. lvuittonadict.. Im also waiting for Nov to come.. A day later than u the 16th is my birthday.. I cant wait.. We'll have each other for company.. :tup:
  13. patience patience girlie! it'll pay off in the end and you'll love it all that much more! its so good to see some fellow/former LV lovers migrating over here to Bal forum!
  14. Don't worry, Nov 15th will come before you know it. In the meantime you can decide which colour to get. And then change your mind, pick another colour, change your mind, pick another colour, etc... at least that's what I would do, lol!
  15. I had to wait a year for mine :crybaby: lol! But I hope you love her when seh ccomes :smile: