AHHH What to buy!!??!?!?!

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  1. So I received my new Belks credit card today and at the very bottom of the page is a 20% coupon for anything..NO EXCLUSIONS:yahoo: !! This is soooo rare. So I am not going to waste this coupon on anything but Coach:graucho: ....so now what to buy. It expires 11/15 so I have a little bit of time. Here is what I am eyeing....need some help deciding:

    Black Madison Shoulder bag - hoping another Belks has this bag, mine doesnt
    Black Gathered Sophia
    Camel Patent Sophia in large
    Poppy Sequin Groovy in Blue Jean - I have been eyeing this bag for awhile now, but not sure how much I would carry it


    Should I wait and see if something better comes out between now and Nov 15th.........

    Thanks ladies!! I dont know what I would do without you!!!!!:hugs:
  2. I really love the Camel Sophia it is truly gorgeous.
  3. i vote to buy the sophia! its a gorgeous bag,and can be great as a satchel or shoulder bag. great size also.
  4. Girl, go get that sequin groovy. You will regret it later if you don't...trust me.
  5. i say gathered sophia, BUT i just posted spy pics for new stuff in the fall preview 2010 thread
  6. I say the black Madison shoulder bag! I want this one myself. Gorgeous lining!
  7. OMG Liv! I love the new lilac sequin groovy and the spotlight - wonder if our little Belks will get one of those.......................

    I see we are all split the same way I am :biggrin: these bags are just too pretty to narrow it down to just 1
  8. maybe go into your store and see if they can order it? i dont know how belks system works since i live up north now, but its worth a try. i adore the lilac color too =]
  9. I have and LOVE the camel sophia. I also have the gathered black but have yet to cut the tags. I snipped the tags off the camel sophia right away! My vote is for CAMEL SOPHIA!!!
  10. Shoulder bag! That's the purse I'm dreaming of right now.