AHHH! what do i do?

  1. One of my SAs just e-mailed me that they had a Cabas whistler left? so do i get it!!? is it worth the 2500? what do you guys think?
  2. I would go for a F-W 07/08 LV bag.. If you really like the bag than go for it!!!
  3. Go down and try it.. if you don't love it then no :p
  4. Yeah, definitely go check it out and see if it feels like a "must have".
  5. You should go for it.
  6. Definitely go for it!!! It's a GORGEOUS bag IRL that leaves me breathless! :girlsigh:
  7. Get it it's gorgeous if it arrives and you don't love you can always send it back or sell it
  8. See it IRL to determine if the LVOE is there......
    Good luck !!!!!!!
  9. do you think if i bought it and let it be it would increasei n value?
  10. ^^^^ I think so. But I wouldn't buy a bag to just simply wait for it to maybe increase in value and not use it. Seems like a waste, IMO.
  11. Cabas Whistler...wow! I say go for it, it's a really beautiful bag.
  12. just go see in person and you'll know if you want it or not :smile:
  13. I honestly doubt it- historically the men's seasonal bags haven't appreciated in value like the women's. The whistler is nice, but I personally prefer the Innsbruck.
  14. I would get it.... if you like it..... get it :smile:
  15. im sorry everyone
    i meant the INNSBRUCK