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  1. My white MC speedy came today and DH is holding her hostage! He wants to hold onto her until my birthday so that it feels like a real birthday gift. I don't think I can wait that long! :noggin:
  2. Ack those are always the worst! Just try not to think about it (if possible!) and soon your birthday will be here!
  3. How much longer do you have to wait?....:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
    I'm feeling your pain!
  4. 13 more days! :crybaby:
  6. :sweatdrop: ugh, no!:sweatdrop: I feel your frustration, but hang in there.
  7. Waiting is sooo annoying but on the day of your birthday you'll be so excited to receive your wonderful new bag.;)
  8. that stinks, my DH is gonna do the same with my new MC pochette! Unless I get to it first!! :devil:
  9. steal it when he's asleep!!!
  10. Hang in there..just think like this. How long have you been wanting this bag?? I am sure it's more than 13 days..:graucho: so another 13 days of waiting..so worths it1

    Yayy..can't wait to see the pics!!!!
  11. Congrats!! Oh Man, good luck to you, I would NEVER be able to wait that long!! I would have already started trying to bribe him, hee hee.
  12. wishing you luck on surviving the 13 days and happy birthday!
  13. Ugh! That is such torture!!!!!! Well, think of it this way, you've waited this long to get your dream bag, right? What's another 13 days?? Stay strong and focused.....you can do this!!!!! :girlsigh:
  14. Waiting is torture!!!
  15. LOL did let trade already shipped the miroir??:nuts: