AHHH so excited!!

  1. so, I didnt get a PCE card, but wanted the belted ergo tote. ordered it online, came friday, I hate it:tdown::crybaby:

    so, I am going to return it, but then thought, man I really want the new legacy satchel in black. I love how the latch dosent interfer with the zipper, and I just love the satchels and need a black bag to go with my whiskey ali:tup:

    so, I got REALLY brave and called the coach store an hour from me, and asked if they would take a phone order and give me the PCE. I said I shopped in the store once, but usually just buy online.

    she put me on hold, and came back and said sure thing!!

    so, my stachel will be here tues and I saved almost 200.00!!!:wlae::yahoo:
  2. Good for you!!! It never hurts to ask! woo hoo! Post pics when you get it. I would love to see !!!!!:tup:
  3. I was so afraid to call, because I tried last PCE and was told no, even though they seemed to have given it to everyone lol. but I figured it dosent hurt to ask!! I am so glad I did I wanted that bag when I first saw it but the price was kinda steep for me.