Ahhh Price Increase?!

  1. So I hear stories of a price increase with Louis Vuitton...

    Are they true?

    How much will it be?

    And when will it take effect?


    Any information would be fantastic!
  2. In UK... it has already taken effect (just check out the website!). I heard on teh forums here it was meant to be 24th but they already have :sad: 5% or so. Hope that helps. Although looking at the american ladies posts, it seems to have not taken effect yet in US? Someone enlighten?
  3. I heard that for the US it is supposed to be the 23... which sucks... because I am going shopping the 28 :sad: but 5% shouldn't kill me... this time lol
  4. It kills me...lol:hysteric:
  5. i know! esp wen i have it all planned, i'm going speedy shopping next wednesday! Which is 23rd.. and I thought the price increase was 24th...
  6. oh noooo.... im still saving for my suhali le fab in black.....waaahhh!
  7. Might have to go shopping this weekend then ;)
  8. Yeah I had it all planned out... i was going to buy a speedy 40 and some accesories for it... but i may have to scale back on a thing or two with this increase... boo hoo... oh well!!!! one week until my new speedy AHHH!!!
  9. I confirmed with the purchasing manager of my LV boutique today that the US price increase will be Jan. 23
    Good Luck ladies! Maybe you can charge hold a speedy and then exchange it?
  10. Can you do a charge hold on bags that are sold out nationwide? I'd do that in a heartbeat. Although...They'd have nothing to hold if it's sold out..right?
  11. Bah, I don't even know what to get before the price increase.
  12. I'm going to buy a couple things in Feb. buuuuuuuuut the price increase won't stop me.... yet
  13. It already hit Hawaii-my SA told me today that the increase was 4% and it was in effect as of December for them. AND they also increased their shipping costs by $10. Just the price of the Denim Cabby went up $70!! BOO!!!!!
  14. so is it 4% or 5%? im so confuzzled!
  15. If you know what you want and you have an SA you can call in and give them your card info. Its called a paid hold. you pay by phone, and they hold the items for you. Then you pick them up when you can and if you do it now you can pay the current price.

    my SA told me he wasn't sure about the % either.