ahhh, no bag and i have a ball on saturday!!!

  1. hey everyone! OK i have a university ball next saturday evening:yahoo: I have a gorgeous gold dress to the floor:love: but no beautiful bag to match!:shrugs: anyone have any suggestions? I need it to be quite small but pretty to match my dress:yes:. And i dont want to spend major money! i am saving for the Reade!:heart: thanks!
  2. i would say - on a budget, go for either something prada or coach, or go for some louis clutch...maybe like a florentine or a pochette plate from the perfo or epi line...
  3. I agree with srq2009. :yes:

    And for a Louis clutch (or small handbag), what is the approximate price range you are aiming for?
  4. Don't degrade yourself, no coach! ;) (J/K) THere's a reason why she's asking in LV forum no?

    If you have a gold dress, you could have another colour for accessoires and stuff, perhaps something red? Then you have the new vernis colour I think would go really well with gold.

    Perhaps something in mini lin too. It goes well with virtually anything and it's not too expensive for a formal look (compared to suhali and epi).
  5. There's some Gold Coach wristlets probably still available. They look like this:


    It's the soho leather wristlet in gold metallic ($48). If you call the 1800 coach number, they can probably locate one for you! I just got one in lilac and I am planning to use it for my university ball as well :love:

    (PS- Please don't throw stones at me for suggesting something other than LV!!)
  6. the coach is pretty but i live in UK and we dont have coach over here!
    if i buy a LV piece i could use it again, around £200- £250, i am thinking maybe a larger wallet size would work as i could use it as a clutch?:yes: yeh red would be nice with gold, also damier? :shrugs:
  7. How about a mini pochette? The gold chain gives it a little bling plus you can use this in your reade when you get it later? :biggrin:
  8. Go with the new red vernis or maybe something in red epi. You can't go wrong with black epi as well :yes: However, I don't think I'd use something in Damier for a formal event, since it doesn't seem terribly formal.
  9. For the budget that you've outlined, here are a couple of suggestions :idea::

    mono canvas twin clutch PM
    mono canvas mini pochette accessoires
    mono canvas mini ellipse

    epi pochette accessoires

    damier mini pochette accessoires
  10. how about epi pochette only £185
  11. ^
    Then I'd go with the epi pochette. Carrying regular mono to a big ball event... I don't know about that. Even real mono I don't think it would be appropriate really. Same goes for denim. Denim as a material may have a wider use than before, but for a formal ball event with a golden dress to me it seems wrong.

    Try to get a red epi pochette with gold ardware or mini lin small stuff or clutch (which should be within price range) with gold harware. Of course showing up with a pomme d'amour clutch would be AWESOME IMO.
  12. What about a mini accessoires.
  13. epi pochette:heart: but wrong colours
    Damier mini pochette:heart: but not on vuitton.com?!?!!?
    mini ellipse:heart: :heart: :love:
    what is the twin clutch? would you post a pic?:p thanku!
  14. Vernis would have been my first choice suggestion too.
    But since that is not within the price range outlined, I had to omit the Vernis.

    And a Vernis heart coin purse would be way too small.
  15. yes agree:yes: amour clutch:heart: mmmm.... too many choices!!!! i think your right, mono would dress it down! red epi i think is wrong type of red, the pomme would be nicer its richer in colour!:love: