ahhh new to B and need you guys help!

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  1. so i have recently started showing interest in balenciaga bags..I have a gicangtic LV collection and am not getting tired of them but want something new for once..so I started looking on eBay and I found soooooo many different ones I like..the colors--there amazing!!! i havent figured out what bag i want..the firt a part time or a city bag? and how the hellll am i going to pick what color!!! so what i wanted to know is how do i pick what bag and what color? and what r the retail price on those 3 bags so I can find myself a good deal on eBay! Thanks guysssssssss :heart:33
  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of bbags! I've been into designer bags for a long time now, but have never fallen in love/been addicted to any other brand like I have been with balenciaga- the leather, colors, styles are incomparable!

    The reference library is a great resource, and a great place to start. Here's the link to the thread about retail prices: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga-reference-library/dimensions-and-prices-for-all-balenciaga-styles-144151.html

    Regarding style, go with what is most functional for you- first is pretty small (but my fave), so if you put a lot in your bags, go with a city or part time. I'd say city is a great bag for your first one. As for color- so many options! Again, what do you like? Black is always a great classic, but if you prefer a pop of color, you have a ridiculous number of options. Good luck and let us know what you decide!!
  3. Another thing: since you're going the route of eBay (I've had great experience so far buying off of there) be sure to utilize the authentication thread on this forum before buying- the ladies there are wonderful, and so knowledgeable!
  4. Hello! Welcome to BBag section~!!
    I started off my collection of handbag with LV as well, but fall in love with balenciaga. I am not into colorful handbag until I found Bbags.. Every color is gorgeous!

    But be careful with Ebay and must sure you authenicate it first.
    I found that finding past season colors are a little bit hard. Especially brand new ones. But every season they come out with beautiful colors.
    You can go to the reference section and check out the colors.