Ahhh...my eyes...(rant)

  1. Are you guys ready to listen to another one of my rants? Well here goes:

    Yesterday when I was waiting for the elevator on my way up to my workplace with my boyfriend, I saw a young, Asian couple walk in to the lobby area. The one thing that caught my eye? The guy was wearing an LV bag that I've never seen before. To be honest, LV is for everyone, but...only certain guys can pull off the monogram without looking like...they're trying too hard. That's just my opinion, though.

    Anyways, naturally, my eyes were wandering up and down the guy's body (no sickness intended here, he wasn't hot so I wasn't checking him out or anything), and the guy had the worst outfit ever. Ok, I love designer fabric and everything, but sometimes it's just too much when you try to match different designer prints together. First off, the guy had a collared shirt on with the beige checked Burberry pattern. He was wearing pants with a pattern that I didn't recognize, and then he had the signature Gucci fabric shoes on. He finished everything off with an Argyle vest that I'm not sure if it was designer or not. Oh, and of course, that LV bag. It looked like the Reporter:

    But on the elevator, with a closer distance to the bag, I noticed that the LVs were cut off and the canvas was sooo poorly aligned. Also, the canvas looked like cheap plastic and the vachetta was the wrong colour. I had my Récital with me, and I could feel two pairs of eyes just staring at my bag. Blah! Yes, it's authentic, unlike someone else's bag!

    I can totally understand when people just want to own and wear designer everything, but at least do a good job of matching your outfit! And maybe if it was a super hot, sophisticated looking guy...ok, the badly matched outfit would've still looked hot. But the guy was around 5'5" and had bright blond Dragon Ball-Z hair with black roots growing out that would've probably been longer than my medium-length hair if it wasn't gelled.

    Ok, rant over. I don't mean to offend anyone here with this post, just a little rant.
  2. :roflmfao: dragon ball hair description was funny. Yeah don't like people having designer items from head to toe.:shrugs:
  3. I agree, you can wear designer items without having Logo on every item, especially when carrying a mono piece. Yikes!:roflmfao:
  4. hmm, burberry, gucci, and lv monogram PATTERNS in one outfit is overkill, no matter who's wearing them... i feel your pain~ :yucky:
  5. And probably all fake. Ewww.
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. The colour of the Burberry shirt looked a bit off...it was too...bold. Could've been fake.
  8. so sad! Why do people think they look good with fakes? and why with designer overkill as well?
  9. I hate label overkill...
  10. Label overkill is the worst; I always see it in SoCal, which is why I wasn't a big label whore until much, much later (even now I only like designer bags, but I don't care for designer clothes and shoes). Having a ton of labels on you when they're not even REAL...that's a different story. I could never pull that off; I'd be the laughingstock of my town since a lot of people I live around are pretty wealthy.
  11. I agree.
  12. Sounds like he's so insecure that he has to define himself with way to many labels. Sad really. He probably is clueless that he's making a spectacle of himself.

    But I know how bothersome it is to those of us who own the real thing and find it being copied so much.
  13. :weird: :s :throwup:
  14. The LV alone ( if it were real) would've been plenty to wear without all the other stuff.:yucky:
  15. LOL...

    Once, when I was waiting in line for coffee, this man walked into the cafe wearing *head to toe* LV mono: mono baseball cap, LV sunglasses, mono baseball jersey (?), mono shorts, mono BOXERS sticking out of his mono shorts, LV socks, mono shoes, and to top off his ensemble, a mono bum bag. Yes, he was BLINDING in his mono magnificance; so blinding, that I could not take my eyes off of all of that mono. Unfortunately, he took my look of hypnotized bewilderment as affirmation of his irresistible stylishness and proceeded to hit on me. :Push: