AHHH!!!! My BIG surprise!!!!!!

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  1. So, for the past month I have been eyeing something at my local COACH outlet. And I was going to buy it yesterday, I even had the SA bring out some from the back, I picked one out, but I decided to buy it next month... the wait was killing me! Well, for some strange reason last night, my boyfriend was asking me questions about the one I chose and WHY I chose it. Lol I thought it was strange.. but I told him... we were planning to go monday... and he asked me "How early does Coach open...? when... we... go... monday?!" lol I thought that I had caught on that he was going today and suprise me. Well, before he picked me up at work he bought groceries... and I was all excited to see him, because I thought he would have my surprise. And he didn't... I was disappointed, but he JUST bought me that new Tote so i was cool with it. And I told him all about how I had it all figured out... and he told me that he didn't go today and how we were going tomorrow. lol. Well when we got home, he asked me to help carry in groceries from the trunk, and I was like "ok" and I opened up the trunk... AND THERE IT WAS!!!! And inside the box was ANOTHER surprise!!!! AHHH!!!!

    Well... since I don't get to do unveiling posts often... so here it is! lol guess away!

  2. no stripping!
  3. So not fair! SHOW US!!!

    Stripteases were sofa king banned last week, didn't you hear? ;)
  5. lol they were banned?
  6. ^ okay, I lied. But show us!!!! :biggrin:
  7. well fine... here goes!

  8. What is the little blue thing?
  9. ITS A GLUTCH!!! A guy-clutch!!!

    lol he named it! I'm going to carry it when I'm not carrying my HUGE bags!

    It's the Large Travel Case... and the Turqoise CC holder!!!! YAY!!!!
  10. ooh love them both! congrats!
  11. Congrats! What a wonderful surprise from your boyfriend. You figured it out but he was still able to trick you. Everyone's happy! Enjoy.
  12. Love it!!!! Congrats!
  13. Thanks I love the CC holder. I want one.

  14. It's "technically" the Mini Signature Travel Picture Frame... BUT I use those as Credit/ ID holders
  15. :tup::tup::tup: SO true, I have one lined in brown but I don't have one with turquoise. NICE!