Ahhh! Moving in two weeks! Where do I start????

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  1. I am such a procrastinator! I have know for about a month that there was a possibility we might move to a different city because my fiance had a job offer. Well he accepted it last week and we went down and found a place to live. Now I have to be ready to go by the 18th! Yikes! I have major clutter! I save everything anyone gives me and I buy things that I don't use. I have commited myself to getting rid of LOTS of stuff before the move! So basically I have three areas of stuff; donating, trashing, and things we are taking! I have tried to start but it is so overwhelming! Anybody have a tips on how to make this process easier?

    :hysteric: Help please!
  2. Take it one room at a time. By breaking it down into smaller sections, it's not so overwhelming. Make three piles, donate, trash, take.

    Good luck!
  3. Also, I would suggest bringing in a friend for second opinions... there are lots of times that I *think* I need something and then I reconsider when someone says to me "you really don't need that, do you?"

    Otherwise you're likely to keep too much stuff!
  4. aargh! moving. if it is necessary, do it. i had to move three times in one year and hate moving b/c of it. my suggestion, go to the local supermarket and ask the grocer if they have any empty boxes you can have. the banana and apple boxes are perfect for bathroom and kitchen items. but air them out before you pack, or your stuff will smell like apples and bananas. ;)
  5. Why am I also moving on the 18th!!! Ahh and a 4 bedroom home to move along with me!!! Craziness
  6. I would get rid of, donate any books that you are not going to use to the library. Books are heavy and awkward to move and most people only read them once but reference books are hard to keep but mostly everything can be found on the internet now. The 3 piles are good and see if people you know want stuff, that way you feel like stuff you thought you needed that you don't really need will at least go to someone else who will appreciate. I am a pack rat but had to move 2 times in 1 year after living in the same place for 11 years so i accumulated tons of stuff ! I always think I have a use for everything I have ! Good luck !

  7. You are so right! I keep finding a reason to justify keeping things! This is a great idea!

  8. Good Luck! Mine is only a 2 bedroom and we will be moving into another 2 bedroom home. Hopefully our next move will be into a larger house!
  9. These are all very good ideas! Thanks everyone!
  10. ITA with the suggestion to ruthlessly edit your closet--I have moved several times now, and I was *shocked* to see the crap I was dragging around the country with me, just because I never thought about throwing it out.
  11. This is not related to packing up your place but can still be useful:

    Make a list of your credit cards, financial companies (banks, 401ks, etc.) magazine subscriptions, utilities (cell, phone, gas, electricity, cable, etc.), car insurance, health insurance, gym membership, video rental memberships, etc. and contact EVERYONE with your new address and phone number.

    Obviously, some of your accounts may need to be closed (utilities), but you'll want the final bills forwarded to your new address.

    Also, very important, do a forwarding with your local US post office to have your mail sent to the new address.

    You may also want to let your landlord (if you live in an apt.) know your new address in case they need to forward mail to you from your old residence.

    I know it's a pain, but if you write it down and then check it off as you make the calls to change your address, it will be a lot easier!

    Also, I would recommend NOT packing your personal/financial papers in a box if movers are going to be picking up your stuff. Anything personal/private or valuable (small items such as jewelry, cameras, etc.) should be carried with you directly to your new location even though it is a pain!

    Good luck!
  12. I just moved 6 months ago and I have to say I am not jealous. Make lists. That is the only way to get through it. Lists of numbers of all the utility companies and when each service is to be started at the new address and turned off at the old one. When you are packing be specific when marking boxes. It is a lot easier to find the toaster if it is not in a box marked kitchen. Also keep a couple of boxes of personal stuff and bring them with you. Any current bills or paperwork that you will need right away. When you get to the new house try to set up one room as your "safe room". A room that is mostly put together right away. I choose my bedroom. You will be surprised how a clean bedroom can make you feel a lot better after trying to unpack all day. Good luck!
  13. If you don't need to bring it with you but don't want to get rid of it, maybe put some stuff in a storage facility? And don't forget to go to the post office and fill out one of those mail forwarding slips.

    I'm serious. Label your boxes so you know what is in every box. Label the stuff that's being donated, too, just to differentiate so it doesn't get mixed in with the stuff that's going (just write "donating" on the box). But as for the stuff coming with you, label it by room and give a hint to what's in it. For example, KITCHEN (non-perishable food) or BEDROOM (sweaters). This will help you so much when moving day comes; bring each box directly into the room it belongs in, and then if you have to find certain things you won't have to rummage through every box.

    Other than that... take it one room at a time and start packing everything that you don't need to get by. Maybe even pack a suitcase with your essentials to get you through these next couple of weeks. This is the time to fling and fling, so if you don't absolutely love something then get rid of it. Just set aside an hour or two every day to pack, and try to get the donation boxes out of the house as soon as you can.

    Just jump in and start! Good luck!
  15. Thanks everyone!!!!!! These are all very useful tips!

    I packed some yesterday and I took two big bags to Goodwill. The first of many trips! I just made a very long list of things to do! I love it when I get to cross things off the list!