ahhh i need help to decide plzzz help im going mad!!

  1. ok... my hubby wants another car so that he can tinker around with it in his free time, so i said ok and he agreed to take me to louis on thursday:yahoo: im having trouble deciding which i want.....:confused1:

    limelight .. my fave option so far i think
    azur saleya gm i love this one to
    mini lin marina pm
    mc black auralia

    any other sagestions???? i want somthing different to what i already have too, u can see on my signiture what i have.
    please help me tpf-ers i trust ur valued oppinions:girlsigh:
    by the way im 20 so i want fun and funk and contemperary
  2. That MC Aurelia would be MY choice......great for use all year, and trendy too....good luck deciding.....maybe if you could hold out until some of the new stuff comes out, you'd have alot more choices ??
  3. I would wait and see what arrives ... you could always w/l for s/s on Thursday:yes:
  4. well i will get some from new collections anyway but i want a newy now too hahaha, when with the s/s hit austalia does anyone know?
  5. Well at the Brisbane store they don't even have the lookbook yet ...but based on past s/s it usually starts arriving around early March:yes:
  6. from your list I would choose the Limelight! It's just gorgeous :love:
  7. Tough choice I'd say! Everything you have listed I love :upsidedown:. I'd say either go for the Limelight (which color would you get?) or the Aurelia, although I'm sure you won't be disappointed with any decision you make. Actually I think I'm inclined to say the Limelight since it's so difficult to obtain and the others might be easier to get at a later date.

    Congrats with whatever bag you get :smile:.
  8. i vote for limelight or azur saleya gm :smile:.
    i didn't choose mc black aurelia as u stated u prefer somthing different to what u already have. i see that u have mc black ursula so i choose a differnt print to jazz up the collection!
  9. I'd get the MC Aurelia...........yummy!
  10. Definitely Azur Saleya!
  11. I would go for the azur. It's fun and flirty yet clean and crisp at the same time. Good luck with your choice!
  12. limelight! go for it ;)
  13. Mini Lin Marina PM!!! I love how fresh that bag looks. :girlsigh:
  14. Azur, or something in the new violette vernis (but I'm biased)
  15. i say either the limelight or the mini lin...the other bags are permanent, so you can get them later. personally i would get the limelight.