ahhh, I nearly got a pochette today

  1. Sooo, was either going to get a vernis cles or a pochette to go ewith my speedy this morning. While I was shopping or other things I decided to get the small pochette to use as a cosmetic bag and mimise the bulk in my purse.

    so I got to the LV boutique, (funnily enough the SA at the door ignored me another SA called him over to me, then he was all polite :rolleyes:) the small pochette turned out to be far too small for my liking and the regualer pochette was too big. the didn't have the regular cosmetic case (trousse toilette??) and he'd never heard of the Navona. It wasn't in the catalogue either.

    SO I left that store, and went to a smaller one on my way home. they has the cosmetic pouch but again it was smallish. for some reaon, I didn't like it in the ebene and there is no azur version. I couldn't make up my mind between them all. The SA was polite but I was a bit emabarassed and Iwondered if she thought I was a dumb**:push: Anyhoo, I left that place empty handed too. I could have got the cles in the end but I think I was over it after all that, lol!

    I think I'll wait and get an epi pochette next month, lol! it'sll be and expensive cosmetic case but at least it doubles as a proper purse.
  2. There shouldn't be a problem with you looking at items. SAs should be polite no matter what. Wait to spend your $ until you find what you really want.

    And congrats on your weight loss - way to go!
  3. Awww... so sorry to hear that the Pochettes were too small! :push:

    I hope you get your Epi Pochette soon!
  4. i have to say..u can hold back really well!!! unlike me...i hope u get your pochette next month!
  5. The epi pochette is adorable!! I'd definitely wait for that!
  6. i love the epi pochette. it has a great shape. good luck on your wait, it will be worth it!
  7. I had a quick look on the website,

    the 2nd SA showed me another cosmetic purse to the one I asked for AND she quoted the wrong price!

    No matter, I will wait for the epi. I'll keep an eye on let-trade too.
  8. I love my pochette! What about this?? It is a little smaller then a pochette
    Louis VuittonMonogram Cosmetic Case 15$225.00

  9. it;s a good size, it's just that I'm not into mono and and I had wanted some sort of strap to attach to the D-ring.
  10. update

    I got paranoid about Canelle selling out, not realising that they never made a canelle pockette in the first place. Strange.:tdown:

    Anyway I went to the Bond Street branch and I must say, I don't like their service over there. they were very unhelpful and I even had to prod them a little bit because they weren't forthcoming.

    Luckily I moved on to the Sloane street branch where they were really nice. They even put *it* in a box, and I asked sweetly if they had a spare box in which I could store my speedy but alas they didn't.

    So... cany you guess which pochette I bought in the end? :happydance:


  11. [​IMG]
  12. People in the sloane store were lovely to me...who served you?
    Azur pochette. Or am i only guessing that 'cos i want one?
    Maybe epi?

    Show us the goods :tup:
  13. I didn;t even get her name, lol! I think she was French. I think I'll be shopping there from now on, even if it's a lot further than the Royal Exchange or Bond Street.
  14. It will be on the receipt. Glad you had a great shopping trip though.
    Maybe the SA's were having a bad day at R.Ex and Bond Street.

    Is Miss Pochette ready to come out of hiding?
  15. R. Ex was a couple of days ago, it could have been just that SA I suppose.

    However, all the SAs in Bond Street were funny today. I spent ages looking at things and finally went up to speak to someone. No one came to me.


    me: can I see the pochette in red?
    SA: here's the black one, we don't have red.
    me: that's a pity, I have lots of black bags, you see...
    SA: oh well, you can try again anothe time
    me: could you check the other branhes
    SA: [after checking] harrods and sloan street might have one.
    me: "Might" have one? :s
    SA: well there's only one...
    me: could you check for me
    SA: that's what the computer says
    me: would you be able to phone them?
    SA: [shrugs] but they wouldn't pick up the phone.

    at that point I left.... :rolleyes: