AHHH I just bought my first BBAG!! YAY

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  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    i'm so excited i think i'm gonna jump out of my skin!! I just got my very first balenciaga. a first '04 turquoise!!! :wlae:

    wahoo! i can't wait till it gets here.

    gosh i love eBay :graucho:
  2. Congrats...can't wait to see pics...hehehe
  3. lovely! The color is TDF! CONGRATS!!!
  4. Congrats! NOTHING beats the experience of imaging your first Bbag in the mail... do post pictures when you get it!
  5. :yahoo:congrats satine! post piccies when you get her! :yes:
  6. i will!! heehee, i can't wait!! :biggrin:

    ugh. now i feel sick. it was $850....that's more than i ever spent on any bag, including my LV's....lol

    oh well!
  7. Congrats!! :yahoo: What an awesome choice for your first!!

    Don't worry, I think it is normal for everyone to have that "ugh" feeling after certain purchases... but once you get it - you will be nuzzled against it and it will be the last thing on your mind!!

    Hope you :heart: it!! :smile: Can't wait to see pics.
  8. Congratulations on your new bag!!! It's sooooo exciting to get that first one!!!

    Lock up your credit cards!!! :graucho: :nuts:
  9. congratulations!! i definitely know that feeling, the ugh when you pay but it's a gorgeous bag so when you get it, you'll totally feel like it's worth it. :smile: post pictures!!
  10. lol no need to lock them up...they're maxed :sad: lol thankfully the limits aren't that high!

    i was addicted to LV before, and that was fine bc there was tons on eBay for good price, but now that i've put my foot in the balenciaga pool....well, i'm scared! lol they are more expensive and don't go for that cheap on eBay either! lol
  11. alright, not that you havn't seen it before, but, here is a picture of it from the ebay auction! :drool:

    it def. needs to be cleaned up though. what do you think?
  12. Thanks MarieG, i'll def. check them out!
  13. Congrats!!!!!! Now we can be 04 Turq twins!!!

    I think the leather will clean up nicely. 04 leather is so soft and nice.
  14. yeah, i hope so! i have apple guard conditioner and shining monkey spray. I'm reading that other page that was linked to me, and i'm wondering if it will take away from the "fluffiness" of the leather? what did you use to clean yours?