Ahhh I Cant Wait!!!

  1. Okay so I talked to my wonderful SA last night and she told me that she has black caviar pst's with only gold hardware (lik I said before...) and I also asked her about the spring/summer 2008 washed caviar collection and she says they'll be arriving late February or early march...but I seriously don't know if I can wait that long haha. I have an extreme obsessive quality in me, and lately I've been spazing about Chanel 24/7. I'm going to NM this Saturday with my two best girlfriends, but I don't know if I can survive going there and not getting anything:push: Plus, my SA said that the Chanel spring/summer collection trunk show will be arriving on January 8th, tuesday, from 10-4. I'm DYING to go and check it out, but I seriously doubt that I can go. I'm freaking out right now! That's all I can think about right now haha. So it seems that the chances of me going is slim to none....is anyone else going to the trunk show near you? If you do, pictures would be AMAZING :graucho:;)
  2. there is a trunk show coming up at the Neiman Marcus in white plains not sure where you are though