AHHH I can't make up my mind!

  1. Ok I am constetly on the form asking for advice! I want a timless bag, so of course louis vuitton came to mind! I have listed on my signuture a list. I am a big bag gal! I know for sure I want the Damier speedy 30 Azur! I dunno about the BH......BUT I think I may want one that I can put on my shoulders! Any words of advice! :drool:
  2. Speedy for sure and a shoulder bag would be nice as well. what about the neverfull, awesome price and super cute.
  3. both choice sounds great! do u prefer handheld or shoulder bag? i got azur speedy as my 1st and i :heart: it!
  4. Azur neverfulls are coming out later this year i think , So how about that and a Speedy?
  5. If its your 1st LV, a speedy is a good introduction, you will love it, and it never goes out of style or season!!
  6. both choices are great. The BH is a wonderful bag with little maintenance to it.Also the speedy is a great staple, plus a nice choice for fall and winter with no worries about bad weather.
  7. Speedies are great and although I have several of them I still prefer shoulder bags. After awhile hold speedies get annoying, especially if you are doing a lot of shopping and carrying lots of bags. Just my opinion..but I would go with the BH first and then you can still get a speedy later down the line...
  8. Neverfull?? They are coming out next January with the Azur.......

    The Speedy 30 in Azur is pretty..............my mom has it...........she can fit alot into it