Ahhh I am getting so nervous!!

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  1. I am trying to make a deposit for a bag from let-trade so hold it until next week, and he hasn't responded to my payment or my email yet.

    It hasn't been too long (only 7 hours or so) but we are in the same city, same time zone and I'm getting so nervous that if he doesn't respond soon and hold the bag for me someone will buy the item from his site. I first contacted him about the bag yesterday morning but I didn't get home until late at night so I couldn't respond to his late-afternoon response.

    I know he has other responsibilities but oh man this is killingggg meeeeeee...I keep checking his site and my inbox every 5 minutes and still no sign of a response but luckily the bag's still there.

    Let's hope that it can last at least another day or so...or that let-trade will respond soon because people in Hong Kong should be getting off work by now!
  2. You poor thing- sounds like you really want the bag! I hope it works out for you!:smile:
  3. fingers crossed for you karman.:yes:
  4. Crossing my fingers. Good luck. ;)
  5. good luck...otherwise:smash:him!kidding...
  6. good luck dear
  7. just wait.
    if it's meant for it will be yours.
    last time i get my respond the next day so it should be ok.
    if i may know which one do you actually have your eyes on?
  8. why dont you give him a call ?
  9. good luck!!!
  10. ...Because I don't have his phone number...?
  11. He responded to me in my time zone (NYC) once, so maybe he has a flipped schedule, lol
  12. *sigh*
    It seems like the item is now gone from his site, meaning somebody bought it...
    I did pay my deposit at around 1 PM today, and last time I checked his site at 7 PM it was still there but once I came back from dinner it's gone :sad: and no response from him meaning he didn't take it off himself.
    I wonder what he's going to do now, honour my deposit (I did put the deposit down first...) or sell it to the person who bought it.
    ARRGHHH I'm quite frustrated right now.
  13. was it the white L'Epanoui? maybe he took it off the list for you. im keeping my fingers crossed you still get it ;)
  14. :roflmfao:

    I think it's first come first serve, but whether that is who pays for the whole thing first or a part payment first, I dunno. Hope you get it though!!!
  15. ...Because I don't have his phone number...?

    if you visit his website and look at the top right F.Q.A
    you will find this ::

    Is there a customer service hot-line for www.let-trade.com?
    Yes, we do. If you have any concern, you can contact us at (852) 6114-7736.