1. ok so right now I have a spiaggia mamma mia and I absolutely love that style bag. I got an AS canguro for dirt cheap so I'm gonna keep that and have a pirata ciao/denaro which I'm planning on selling soon. I also got a tutti bambinone but not really sure I'm gonna keep it as I'm not too big on the black/white print (just wanted the adios qee).

    Also not a fan of zuccas or stellinas. I sorta like the bellas but not so much and anything smaller is just useless to me as well as anything bigger.

    So here is my dilema..................

    do I get a notte mamma mia w/the 30% discount ($91) or wait till I get to hawaii in sept and get the transporto mamma mia and pay full price for it..uh actually more than full price since HI prices are higher = $157

    Dont' kill me but I'm just not sure if I want anymore printed bags..............:confused1:
  2. Hmm... I like the idea of getting the notte for 30% off~ If you're not too into the prints, then that's two pluses for you... getting a solid color, and getting it on sale~
  3. hmmm..i would just by the notte mamma mia if you not to fond of prints. That is a good deal!

    And, if you get to hawaii and you see something you like...get it to! :tup:

    you can always post on eBay and LJ if you don't want either of them. You don't want to regret one way or the other.

    O:huh:...Pirata Denaro!:graucho:
  4. I was considering getting a solid for the 30% off too..partially because I keep getting printed hoodies, and it's not always working to mix the prints..heh. So, in short, I vote Notte now, and see what happens later. :yes:
  5. yah I think you should go for the notte at 30% off !! :tup:
  6. Notte...Notte....Notte!! :yes:
  7. Notte! :smile:
  8. i just ordered my first Notte. (i like big bags so i got the BV) i could never justify full price for a plain bag, but a great deal at 30%! i plan to use mine with busy hoodies too.

    so i vote Notte...
  9. I wind up buying two solids ^_^, its not that I don't like the prints- its just that I don't care for the newer ones... except Vacanze.

    So I say Notte ;)
  10. since you said you don't want any more printed bags, the logical choice is notte :p
  11. What did you decide :graucho:
  12. I'd go with the Notte as well. I just bought a Zucca in Notte a few weeks ago and I love it, I use it everyday for work. Which I guess is bad, since I'm not using any of my other bags. I haven't even used my tutti zucca yet and I've had it for weeks.
  13. I did the same...when I got my black bella bella it's all I used for like 3 months. :rolleyes: