Ahhh Help Giraffe Print...

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  1. Im Lookin for the oh so famous giraffe print bag not outragiously priced.. but instead of the normal print with the colored trim i want the print to be in the color ex. pink or torquroise and the trim to be like white..

    ive been lookin all over the internet and see pictures or auctions but i just want to buy it..

    help please
    oh and i dont want a big bag just a small like hobo or somethin with two straps.. if you need specifics lol

    :sad: thank you :rolleyes:
  2. Not sure which bag you're describing, but Dooney & Bourke has a "Giraffe" line. The bags are available on their website.
  3. it looks just like the dooney and bourke bags but only instead of the pattern being brown its like pink or green and the trim is white or black i guess..
  4. Those are knock-offs of the dooney bag. Some other designers might have something close to that which is 'inspired' but your better off just getting the real thing.
  5. Please don't waste your money on this; the trend will be over before you can blink.
  6. michael kors joplin giraffe print maybe?
  7. i dont like the real ones i dont like how its all brown im not a brown type of girl...

    and i like the inspired but i cant find where to buy them at..

    and no i dont care if the trend will be over i like it bc i like it not be its..."IN" lol
  8. Which is probably the best reason for her to be looking for a cheaper version, which is what she's doing. If she likes it and wants it, she may not consider it a waste of money.
  9. payless shoes has a giraffe bag with colored trim
  10. Don't most of those handbag kiosks at the mall have them?
  11. If you don't care to pay the Dooney price, I know I've seen cheapo ones at Walmart that are shaped like totes. The big print like that would lose it's luster after a few months, for me anyway....
  12. again its not the ones with the colored trim

    its the ones that have the print in color.. like the giraffe spots in pink or something..

    grr and ive looked at all those places like walmart not what im lookin for..

    thanks for the help and all :biggrin:
  13. The MK outlets had a bunch of giraffe print bags last week. Give them a call!