Ahhh! Help!!! Freaking Out!!!

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  1. My cerises cles that I bought off ebay just arrived, but I've never seen the cerises IRL and didn't know what to expect...it seems really red compared to the pinky colour that it looks like in the photos!!!

    Have I bought a fake??!!:wtf:

    The heat stamp says Louis Vuitton Paris made in France and the O's are perfectly round, and the date code says SP0025.

    Could anyone who owns one pretty please post close-up pics of theirs so that I can stop freaking out lol!!!

    Here's some pics of it:
    cerises1.JPG cerises2.JPG cerises3.JPG
  2. Looks ok to me. It has the blue eyes.
  3. Looks okay to me also. I'm trying to think when the Cerises came out. It should be around tht time. I remember in 05. It should be right, it was a bit before Burberry's sem-annual sale around this time of the year. Hehe I remember a woman w/ a cerises speedy & her daughter with the cerises bucket at the Burberry store browsing =)
  4. Here you go, I hope this helps a little: (I wouldn't worry though, yours looks real!!)
  5. Thanks guys. Lvbabydoll does yours look pretty red in natural light?
    Not pink like in the photo? Because mine seems a lot redder than expected...
  6. Yeah, the bottom of the cherries are pretty red and the top is more pink..I'll try to yank this away from my mom again to get another better pic for you lol.
  7. Heres a couple more pics, I tried to limit the flash exposure...

    Does it still look real?
    cer1.JPG cer2.JPG
  8. Looks like my ex-cles.. hope you got a good deal on it!! =D
  9. Mine looks exactly the same!!! I think your good!
  10. Bah. Could have been better but you can see the red in the bottom part pretty well. So don't worry, yours is real!
  11. Yours looks real! =) It's cute! If you're really worried, why don't you bring it to LV to ask? That will give you 100% peace of mind!
  12. Okay...okay...I'm breathing at a steadier rate....:blink: kind of...
  13. I'll bring it in to LV as soon as I can, problem is the closest store is 3.5 hours away lol.
  14. Looks real to me! I have a few cerise pieces and they are red cherries, not pink. Enjoy!