Ahhh!!! Help!!! Buyer Is Pulling A Reverse On My Transaction

  1. The buyer sent me direct payment throught paypal. I've mailed out the handbag with UPS w/ tracking number. Checked online, the package has been delivered and signed on July 6, 2007. Today, I checked my email, paypal put a hold on my funds!!!!

    OMG!!! What is my buyer trying to pull?!?! Help!!! What should I do now? I've given paypal the tracking number.

    Does anyone know if the buyer would get money and my expensive handbag as well?!?!?!?:crybaby:
  2. I'm totally freaked out now!!

    Cuz the buyer gave me an address to Singapore, she told me that it's for her friend's birthday.

    I've heard so many stories re: shipping items to Nigeria and stuff...

    I hope this is not one of them...
  3. oh my!!! try calling the paypal to see whats gonig on, i hope that buyer didn't made any claim?? and honestly , you should have not agreed to send it to her freinds address, , this is the knid of horror story this buyer pull on eBay.on eBay. call paypal and give them the track that it has been delivered.
  4. Do you know for certain that the funds being withheld involve this particular transaction? Did the buyer open a dispute? Is she claiming non-delivery? Has PayPal offered you anything in the way of explanation?

    At this point there's little you can do other than call to learn the case specifics and then proceed accordingly.

    Based on the information you've provided I would say you're definitely being scammed. I would never, under any circumstances, ship to a second-party address.

    I hope all ends well. :flowers:
  5. That is why you never ship to a second party address. Say I steal a credit card. I buy on eBay but I want you to send the bag to me instead of to the account holder's billing address so I make up a story about sending to my friend for her birthday.

    So it's not the buyer who get's the money and the handbag. It's the credit card victim who gets her money back and the thief who keeps your handbag.

    I really hope this is not what happened in your case but this is the most common.

    Good luck to you!
  6. Happened to me before. The buyer filed before getting the bag. If you provided paypal a tracking number, they will not pull money into your paypal account.
  8. OMG~ This does not sound good at all!! Cuz the hold was placed with no reason from the buyer~ Then I have responded to paypal with the emails that the buyer has sent me and provided them my tracking number!

    Oh no..... have I been scammed??!?

    What can I do now?!?! I do have insurance place on the package? Does anyone know if I can claim my amount through insurance?!?! PPlease please help!! I can't imaging losing over a thousand of dollar
  9. I do not think you will be able to claim insurance as it appears the bag has been delivered to the address you sent it to. Insurance is to cover lost packages or packages damaged during shipping.
  10. I'm sorry this happened to you. I agree with other, you may be scam victim. If you've passed PayPal the tracking number and info that she has received it, it'll be okay beside it, I ever took pic of shipment invoice and send the HTML to PayPal
  11. If it shows it has been delivered insurance will not cover but paypal usually sides with the seller if you have proof of delivery. So if that's the case and it's not a stolen cc story you should be fine but I would definately call paypal to get more info.

    Good luck!
  12. What's the reason she open claim? Non-authorized user or not receive item??
  13. I just went back to the payment detail.. and I've notice it's a payment from CC.. (I think I'm about to cry now)

    What happens if it's a stolen CC?! Does that mean that I will loose money without any reason?!

    I don't think it would be reasonable that as a seller has to accept full responsibility for the fraudulent cc use.
  14. Below is the letter from paypal.. I don't think the buyer gave any reason for it, but I'm suspecting that it's a chargeback from credit card company.

    "One of the benefits of using PayPal is that we make every effort to alert
    you to potentially problematic transactions. Our goal is to help you make
    sound business decisions.

    From time to time, we request additional information about PayPal payments.
    This is a security measure meant to protect you from problem transactions.

    We would like to learn more about this transaction. Please log in to your
    PayPal account and provide some information.

    We strongly advise that you not ship the item until our investigation is
    complete. If you have already shipped the item, please log in and let us
    know where you shipped it.

    We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until the investigation is
  15. Okay, so you mean she file a claim with PayPal rgd unauthorized PayPal user? Not by not-receive item??