Ahhh, for the love of snakey...

  1. choopython.jpg
  2. Hey Jburgh

    That's the Rianne from sometime in 2005.

    There is a Gorgeous hot pink watersnake bag out on eBay in this style :sneaky: (same exact material as your new Ross) :yes: I had lusted after both of these bags, but never bid on either of them :crybaby:

    The Rianne is the bag I started off on this whole Jimmy Choo adventure with.....
  3. ^ Wow, I'm going to have to go take a look at the eBay bag....I would think it would be gorgeous in the hot pink! :drool:

    You know Ethel, Christmas is right around the corner and you haven't bought a new bag in how long now?? ;)
  4. Robynbenz - Thanks for the name. I am :nuts: about the green tie-dyed sneaky snake. Oh, you have to get the one on eBay now, I cannot find it, what is the link?
  5. ^ I tried to find it too with no luck....maybe it sold??

    I'd just like to see a photo of the bag, I'm so NOT in the market for :sneaky: snake or anything else at the moment....I don't think. ;)
  6. That is a great style I tried it on at the store when it first came out. It just was a lil too small for me. It is also came in the same tie die type of python in orange and purple
  7. I lusted after this for a long time!! I never did buy it because I already had a python silverado. There was a member on here that had one last year, I remember.