AHHH Coach Siggy Valentine Wristlet Pink, Red and White!!

  1. Oh my gosh you guys! Take a look at this adorable wristlet!!:love: Its pictured in the new spring catalogue. I think it is sooooo freakin cute with the little polka dot bow and red :heart: fob!!
    Ebay Pics 678.jpg
  2. did you get the new catalog in the mail or from a store?
  3. okay well i'm definitely getting one of those when they come out! too cute
  4. Adorable!!:tup:
  5. I went into my boutique to find out more about the patent pond ergo and got it while i was there.
  6. I saw that in a previous post. That would be SO cute w/my red Hamptons carryall and the heart ponytail scarf I just got for it, but I already got a ruby patent wristlet to use with that set. Probably cheaper too since i got it 30% off at Macys. Still...its so cute...:graucho:
  7. I Want It !
  8. :love: OMG...i gotta have that!! :love:

  9. :yes:Me too!!
  10. When does is it avaliable & for how much??

    Oh it is so precious! I love red, pink, & white together!
  11. that is definitely a MUST POSSESS!!
  12. Here is the info. in the catalogue:
    Scarf print framed wristlet No.41096 $148 7L x 4H x 2W. ( Avail. February):tup:
  13. i'm so going to need a 12 step program...coach is worse than crack...LOL
  14. That is cute
  15. Hence my Tagline on my Profile :yes: Must not buy anything...must not buy anything...