Ahhh... black metallic reissue!!

  1. I still have yet seen a picture of the black metallic reissue, the only bag I'm def getting from F/W 2007.
    You ladies have been raving about it since the trunkshow and I'm so mad at myself or not going that day! :crybaby:
    Well I'll see in IRL later in July/Aug and decide for sure.
    Does anyone have a picture of the blk metallic reissue?
    After I read Jenn (Clk55girl's) review on the black metallic, I'm getting so anxious! :rolleyes:

    Note: I'm not talking about the caviar classic flap w/ the mademoiselle/reissue lock.
  2. I am dying to see a picture too! I am also thinking that may be my big Chanel F/W purchase.
  3. Me too!I'm going nuts about it!Esp after Jenn's post!Any wonderful Fer to post pics?Pleeeease!TIA!:nuts:
  4. It sounds gorgeous!!!!!
  5. I'm dying to see too! I think it's beautiful because a lot of girls here are dying for it!!
  6. I have also reserved the metallic black reissue, really want to see the pic also...

    Anyone know when will it arrive at the store?
  7. I am told that it will arrive around the end of July, maybe other members will know for sure.